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Millistar Raiders: SuperPlanet starts pre-registration for its new idle RPG title

A granny, a butcher, a drunkard… became Raiders?

The pre-registration period for Super Planet’s newest Idle title, Millistar Raiders, has begun. In this idle RPG, a group of common people embarks on an adventure to save the planet. Players take on the role of captains, and their main goal is to finish the stages while assisting the villagers in becoming stronger and overcoming Devildom.

Millistar Raiders features a co-growth system of captains and heroes

Millistar Raiders fast growth
Image via Super Planet

The player assumes the role of the captain in Millistar Raiders, and his goal is to gather 13 villagers and transform them into magnificent heroes. This game’s unique feature is another system that requires the captain (player) as well as the heroes to be strengthened. The heroes will be greatly impacted by the captain’s development as well. Experience this co-growing system of captains and heroes to take advantage of the “hyperinflationary” growth.

Enjoy unique art style, play modes, and various Dad jokes

In, every character’s skill name perfectly matches their personality! For instance, Granny’s key talent is Tastes exactly like Granny’s when displaying her friendly demeanor. Additionally, the distinctive Millistar characters and art style engage players and entice them to carry out their adventures to new heights. Check it out, especially as it’s entertaining to see how the characters’ names and outfits evolve as they mature.

Unexpectedly, there are two game modes available for this independent title: Landscape and Portrait. For the Captain’s convenience, the game not only works with a variety of devices but also recognizes player style-specific movements and rotates freely. Players can play in Landscape mode so that they can see the Raiders’ incredible skills. Pre-registration for Millistar Raiders is available on Android and iOS.

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