MLBB May 2021 Leaks: Upcoming Heroes, Skins, and Events

Lots of new upcoming stuff in Mobile Legends!

With the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang annual 515 Party Event almost here, players all around the world can expect to receive plenty of free gifts, skins, and experience mega discounts when shopping as well! The 515 Party is always an event to look forward to each year for MLBB players, and there are also other things happening in the month of May. Let’s see what ML has to offer in the coming month! In this article, we’ll be breaking down the information from the MLBB May 2021 Leaks, and talk about the information which is true and confirmed, true but still under speculation and stuff that is completely false.

Mobile Legends Revamped and Upcoming Heroes

As teased before, MLBB will be releasing a new Hero that will be free for all players to claim. Like in previous years, the 515 event always featured the release of a free hero, like Luo Yi in 2020. This year, Phoveus will be the poster hero for the 515 event.

Phoveus Mobile Legends
Mobile Legends Phoveus

He is a Fighter hero who deals with Magic Damage and has burst skills that can counter any dash-heroes. To know more about Phoveus, check out his hero overview here. He will be releasing on the 11th of May, so prepare to claim and play him on your account as soon as he arrives in the Land of Dawn.

Upcoming new skins

As all veteran MOBA players know, skins are one way of showing your experience and expertise in a game. For all 105 of MLBB’s heroes, each hero has at least 1 skin, and some even have up to 7! According to the MLBB May 2021 Leaks, we will see skins of all rarities being released, so if your main hero is getting skin next month, it would be best to start saving up from now! Here is a detailed schedule of all the skins that will be available.

MLBB May 2021 Leaks
MLBB May 2021 Leaks: Upcoming skins
  • Yi Sun-Shin “Azure Sentry” Starlight (May 1)
  • Yu Zhong “Blood Serpent” Collector (May 5)
  • Brody “S.T.U.N. Brody” Epic Limited (May 8)
  • Selena “S.T.U.N. Selena” Epic Limited (May 15)
  • Harith “Fashion Expert” FREE 515 Skin (May 15)
  • Hanabi “Field Op” Special
  • Selena “Gemini” Zodiac (May 21)
  • Karina “Gemini” Zodiac (May 21)
  • Baxia “Ba-tender” Special (May 24)
  • Jawhead “Candy Bear” Starlight (June 1)

For those of you who do not wish to spend money but still want in-game skins to look flashy, not to worry! A Party Box event will also be happening from the 11th to the 20th of May, where you can claim a Skin Chest and get a guaranteed Elite Skin from the 15th to the 17th of May. Limited skins will also be available in the prize pool, so you might get lucky and pull an Epic skin from the chest!

Upcoming events (May 2021) in Mobile Legends

Heroes and skins are a major part of the 515 event, but there will also be more mini-events going on as well! The Lucky Star event, Promo Diamonds, and returning Arcade modes will all be available soon.

515 Lucky Star event

Like in the previous 515 event, there will also be a Lucky Star event this year. Essentially, players will be given tasks to do and will be rewarded with chances to draw in this event. The grand prize of the event will be a gift from Moonton, which is access to all heroes, skins (including S.T.U.N. skins) forever. All heroes and their skins will be unlocked, meaning you are free to use any of them as you wish. This event is completely free and all you need to do is do the quests in the game, which are usually sharing the game, playing a few rounds, and winning together with your friends. Be sure to come online for the 515 event so you won’t miss more details for this event.

Particularly on the 15th of May, there will also be many things going on aside from the main party. For 24 hours, all heroes will be temporarily unlocked for all players, so if you have always wanted to play a certain hero but never got the chance to buy it, here is your chance to try them out for yourself. Logging in on the 15th will also give you an exclusive achievement, border, emotes, and other freebies. Be sure to keep updated on the event and don’t miss out on any of the free rewards.

Promo Diamonds and Discounts

For those of you who are unafraid to spend a little cash on the game, here is your chance to spend the same to get a lot more. There may be up to 55% discounts for heroes, skins, and emotes in-game so be sure to check it out. Starting as soon as the 27th of April, there will be an event to win discount coupons for items in the shop. There will also be a Promo Diamond event associated with the 515 event, where you will be able to win Promo Diamonds that are equivalent to 1 Diamond in the shop.

3 Arcade modes return

Last but not least, MLBB will also feature some Arcade modes that were popular in the past. Starting off on the 1st until the 13th of May, MAYHEM mode will be available in the game. In this game mode, all heroes will have received an overpowered buff, like Lesley being able to shoot 10 bullets at rapid speed with her Ultimate, or Johnson being able to carry all members of your team at once.

MLBB May 2021 Leaks

Then, from the 11th until the 31st of May, Ravage mode will be available. In this mode, you will team up with 2 others to duel in a sci-fi, 3v3 mode where your levels and gold are maxed out from the start. Lastly, the 21st of May until the 3rd of June will feature Shadow Brawl, where all 5 team members on a team will use the same character to fight in a single Lane in the usual Brawl Mode. Out of all these cool skins and events coming, which ones are you looking forward to the most?

What do you think about this MLBB May 2021 Leaks? Which event you are looking forward to the most? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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