Mobile Legends balance adjust plans for 2022 includes AI matchmaking, Hero revamp, Emblem system update and more

A very exciting video has been published from the Mobile Legends Official YouTube channel about their balance adjust plans for 2022 to make the game fairer for everyone. This was done to solve some of the core problems of Mobile Legends that players have been facing for a long time. This video gives hope to the solo players especially, for a better gaming experience overall. We’ll discuss everything shared in the video in detail. 

Mobile Legends Balance adjust plans for 2022

Matchmaking Balance 

Moonton is committed to finding the best balance point to match players with the most evenly-matched opponents in the shortest time possible. Their hard work showed some good results. Last year, the matchmaking time was reduced, with the new fast queue option.

Mobile Legends balance adjust plans 2022
Matchmaking set to get revamped (Image via Moonton Games)

The rank difference is also improved by matching up with almost the same tier teammates and opponents. One-sided matches are not seen very often now. The gold difference is now very low after every match, which indicates players from both teams have almost the same experience.

Blacklist system 

Mobile Legends balance adjust plans 2022
Blacklist System will be introduced in Mobile Legends (Image via Moonton Games)

It is very frustrating to have some players who do not want to adjust to the team’s lineup or just play badly in every single match. No one wants to match up with the same player again. Moonton has finally devised a solution to this problem. Moonton will be releasing the Blacklist system in the game, which will allow players to ban certain players from becoming your teammate again. This has been laid out as a part of the balance adjust plans for Mobile Legends in the year 2022.

Dodge mechanism in draft pick

Mobile Legends balance adjust plans 2022
Dodge mechanism in draft pick (Image via Moonton Games)

It is very normal for the players to try out new heroes or practice them in classic mode. But, it is often seen that some other player is also picking the same role, which makes the team very weak. This additionally spoils the chance of making the best out of any heroes and therefore, the team is most likely going to lose for the disadvantage. Eventually, it lowers the win rate of a player. Now, steps will be taken to prevent this type of messy lineup. Moonton Games will be introducing a Dodge mechanism in the Draft pick, as a part of the balance adjust plans in Mobile Legends for the year 2022. When the team’s lineup is extremely unreasonable, players can choose to dodge the next match entirely and cancel the current match. 

Artificial intelligence in the matchmaking system

In 2020, MOONTON is introducing Artificial Intelligence in the matchmaking system. It will collect and learn from game data, evaluate skill levels in real-time. It will also provide each player with customized matchmaking time and accuracy, according to the player’s personal preference for the best possible matchmaking.

With the whole new matchmaking system through A.I, players will be matched with players who have the same level of skill as them. It will detect the preferable role that one would like to play most of the time. They will be matched with the players of other roles, resulting in a very strong lineup. Players will not have to argue about their role anymore so the match will be more competitive and enjoyable at the same time. 

Mobile Legends balance adjust plans 2022
Artificial Intelligence will be used in matchmaking (Image via Moonton Games)

This is really good news for the solo players, who are losing most of the time, because of the less experienced players in their team. On the other hand, the enemy has more experienced players. Hopefully, the problem will be solved soon.

In-Battle Balance 

Equipment adjustment 

The equipment revamp in June was one of the most important battlefield changes in 2021. Last year, they had introduced some new items. These items became the core items for many heroes. Like War exe, they have significantly increased the variety of build options and will continue to update the equipment series in the future. 

Mobile Legends balance adjust plans 2022
Mobile Legends balance adjust plans for 2022: Equipment revamps might take place again (Image via Moonton Games)

The roaming and jungling equipment revamp also opened up new possibilities for the roamers and junglers. Now, roamers and junglers can choose different roaming and jungling passive for considering the enemy lineup which comes with the boots. 

Stats adjustment 

Last year, there were some adjustments with many Marksman, to make them suitable for the meta. Clint and Beatrix are the best examples of this change. With the buff of Clint, he is one of the most banned and picked Marksman in the game. His early game damage is very hard to sustain even for a tank. Also, side-laners who go against him, face a very hard time clearing his lane. Gold Lane Marksman is the new Meta, Beatrix, Bordy, and Clint excel in this role. Recently, a very less-picked Marksman, Leasly has got buffed too. Now, in most of the matches, these Gold lane heroes are picked very often to play as the team’s late-game carry.  

Stats adjustments made for the heroes (Image via Moonton Games)
Stats adjustments made for the heroes (Image via Moonton Games)

Old Heroes revamp 

Many old heroes who had remained silent for a while, have once again climbed to the top of the player’s choices, even among the higher players and MPL. Last year, Moonton has also revamped many less-picked heroes to make every hero usable in the game with Project NEXT. Examples of such heroes are Karina, Sun, Alpha, Miya, Balmond, Bane and many more. Now, these heroes are seen quite often on the battlefield and they are very strong too.

Older meta heroes are returning (Image via Moonton Games)
Older meta heroes are returning (Image via Moonton Games)

Revamped Heroes 

In 2022, Moonton is going to revamp some highly anticipated heroes. Feramis and Vexana have been the least heroes to get picked for a long time due to their abilities, which are not suitable for the Meta. They are planning to revamp Feramis and Vexana very soon. They also gave some hints about Hanabi and Tank Aakai’s revamp.

Mobile Legends Faramis revamp, mobile legends hero revamp, mlbb hero revamp, mlbb
Feramis and Vexana Revamp would take place soon (Image via Moonton)

New Emblem System

The emblem system is also getting a major update too. Aside from the visual updates, they will make Emblems straightforward, while adding more depth in terms of Emblem builds. This will be very helpful for the new players to understand them, easily and properly. However, there is no specific information about the change. Players have to wait to see the change in action. 

Big update for the Emblem System in 2022 (Image via Moonton)

Final Thoughts

This is going to be one of the most important changes in the Mobile Legends. It will change the game environment completely. Players will enjoy a good game environment with much lesser toxicity. Those who are better players will have a higher chance of winning, because of the new AI-based matchmaking based system. As players get matched according to their favorite role, it will reduce the arguing in the Drafting phase. Players will be able to try out new heroes in a fair lineup with the help of Dodge mode.

What are your thoughts on the balance adjust plans for 2022 put forward by Moonton Games for Mobile Legends? Do let us know in the comments below!

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