Mobile Legends Alpha Guide: Best Build, Emblem and Gameplay Tips

Test, Alpha is online...

In Mobile Legends Bang Bang’s Alpha is a very strong Fighter/Offlaner type hero with a good set of Crowd Control, Blink, and AoE. Newly revamped Alpha mostly deals physical damage to the enemies and with his new charging ability either he can initiate a fight else he can dash to a safe distance. With the combination of Flicker+Ultimate and proper build he is very sustained in the mid and late stage, so he can easily finish any squishy heroes in a 1v2 situation. He is easy to play type champion. In this guide, we will cover how to build and play Alpha in Mobile Legends, starting from her skills, to emblems and spell recommendations, and finally to items and gameplay tips. Now without further ado let’s just jump into the MLBB battlefield with Alpha.

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Skill Analysis

Alpha is a hero with the common four skill sets of one passive and three actives. In this Alpha guide, let’s see his abilities in Mobile Legends, and when you can use which skill to get the best out of him.

Passive – Beta, Advance

passive skill

Whenever Alpha uses a skill to attack the enemies he also marked the target with his gadget Beta, and upon reaching 2 stacks the Beta will attack the marked target thrice. The first two, each strikes deals 50 true damage and slowing their movement speed while the third one deals 50 AoE true damage to the target.

Skill 1 – Rotary Impact (CC,AoE)

skill 1

Alpha swipes his stick in the designated direction and slows the enemy by 40% for 1 second while dealing 200/220/240/260/280/300 amount of physical damage. After swiping the stick the beta will follow the pathway while dealing 100/110/120/130/140/150 amount of physical damage.

Skill 2 – Force Swing (Aoe, Heal)

skill 2

Upon casting this skill alpha attacks in a fan-shaped area and deals 250/300/350/400/450/500 amount of physical damage while each hit restores his 100/120/140/160/180/200 life. In this case, Beta also attacks the marked target while dealing 125/135/145/155/165/175 amount of physical damage.

skill 3

This is the most important skill for revamped alpha. Upon casting Beta stun the enemies for 1 second and deals 100 physical damage to them. Alpha jump into the sky deals 50/75/100 physical damage in his path while dealing 200 physical damage to the airborne target and slows them down by 40% for the next 1 second. After the land, Beta launches 5 back to back AoE attacks while each dealing 125 physical damage.

Skill-up method for Alpha

Unlock skill 2 first and upgrade it to max level. Upgrade skill 1 accordingly. Ultimate whenever available.

Best Emblem Set and Spells for Alpha in Mobile Legends

Emblem Set

Custom Assassin Emblem

Since Alpha is a physical damage dealer with regen ability, so we can use the Custom Assassin Emblem (use it if you are playing as jungler) on him to get a perfect result. Agility can give Alpha additional movement speed (+6%), the Invasion will provide him more physical penetration during combat, and Killing Spree will restore Alpha’s 15% HP after killing each hero, not only that it will also provide 20% increased movement speed for next 5 seconds. Or else you can use High and Dry talent too according to the situation. You can set your talent points like this:

Mobile Legends Alpha Guide
Custom Assassin Emblem for Alpha
  • Agility (+3)
  • Invasion (+3)
  • Killing Spree/High and Dry (+1)

Custom Fighter Emblem

If you are playing Alpha in Exp lane you can use this Custom Fighter Emblem. Bravery will grant you additional Physical attacks which will help Alpha to kill the enemies easily, Invasion will provide him more Physical penetration which will help Alpha to deal more damage to a sustained enemy. Festival of Blood will grant him 8% Spell vamp and each time Alpha has slain an enemy this spell vamp is increased by 1% (capped at 12%). You can set your talent points like this:

Mobile Legends Alpha Guide
Custom Fighter Emblem for Alpha
  • Bravery (+3)
  • Invasion (+3)
  • Festival of Blood (+1)

Battle Spells

One of the best spells to be used on Alpha is Flicker. You can use it to escape death, chase dot life enemies, or perform a perfect fling/stun. Or else you can use Vengeance too. It will reflect damage for the next 3 seconds while you are performing a team fight or turret diving. Additionally, you may opt for using Retribution if you are playing as a jungler.

Best Builds for Alpha in Mobile Legends

You can try many builds on Alpha. All you have to do just follow the enemy’s pick and then decide the build on the battlefield. Try to do focus on the items that grant Alpha Physical damage, Tenacity, and Physical Spellvamp. Here we can see our build contains 2/3 attack items which will amplify Alpha’s main damage output.

Mobile Legends Alpha Guide

Build Warrior Boots or Tough Boots according to the enemy pick. Bloodlust Axe will provide him+70 physical attack and +10% CD Reduction which will greatly enhance his passive and the next item Blade of Despair can be built as his second core item or else you can build War Axe to get +55physical attack, +10% CD reduction, and its unique passive will help alpha to increase his physical penetration. Where BoD will deal +160 physical attack, +5% movement speed. Side by side Queen’s Wings will grant Alpha spell vamp, +10% CDR plus +900HP. Lastly build Immortality, which will provide him an extra life.

In some particular scenarios if the enemy took too many magic damage heroes then build Oracle, which will provide +42 Magic Resistance, +850HP, and will boost his regen effect. You can use Athena’s Shied too. Lastly in the place of Immortality, the player can switch it to a Brute force breastplate if needed, cause it will provide you physical defense and movement speed after casting basic attacks or skills.

Mobile Legends Alpha Gameplay Tips

Alpha is one of the strongest Fighter/Offlaner. However, a player must need a good understanding of the map to bring the best out of any hero. According to his gameplay, we can break it down into three phases. Our Mobile Legends Alpha guide includes the perfect game plan for the early, mid, and late game.

Early Game

As a fighter goes to the top/Exp lane, clear the first minion wave between turrets. Then take the Lizard at .45 sec take the small gold crab. If your mid-laner provides support, invade enemy buff, or else again go back to your lane and clear minions.

Mobile Legends Alpha Guide

Prioritize Bloodlust Axe after buying boots (250 golds) and try to mark enemies with the beta to gain extra damage. Remember, If you are playing as jungler hold the mid lane and focus on the farm for the first 4-5 mins. Perform the following skill combination to gain an upper hand early on.

Skill 1 + Skill 2 or Skill 2 + Skill 1

Mid Game

This is the main phase for Alpha. Do not feed to enemies and do not waste your skill 3 like any other skills. This skill 3 is the main escape/damage dealing skill. Try to master it to avoid all kinds of ganks. . As an Offlaner your main duty is to push the turret and whenever 2/3 of enemy heroes are dead help your team to take the turtle. Do not leave your lane wide open but if needed do a quick rotation in mid and help your carry to get kills. Perform the following skill combo to gain a massive advantage.

Skill 3 + Flicker + Skill 1 + Skill 2

Remember to Spam Skill 1 and 2 properly during ultimate cause marked target will receive more damage. You can use Flicker to change the direction of your ult or else you can force the enemy to knock in your ultimate whoever trying to gank from the behind.

Late Game

Alpha’s weakness is getting Crowd Controlled by enemies. So try to play safely in this late phase. His Skill 2 helps him to regen very quickly with Bloodlust Axe, so spam it on the enemy properly. Try to gank enemies ADR first, once the enemy got hit by stun and airborne they can not move. Don’t afraid to charge or initiate a fight if it is necessary to save your carry.

Mobile Legends Alpha Guide
Alpha in the battlefield
Heroes that counter AlphaHeroes Alpha can counter
Yi Sun-Shin

Final Thoughts

An excellent pick for rank games, Alpha is definitely a good pick for the current meta. These tips will surely help you to guide easy wins with Alpha in Mobile Legends. You can also refer to our latest tier list to know more about the revamped meta heroes in this current season.

That’s all for today’s Mobile Legends Alpha Guide. Do you prefer to use Alpha in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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