Mobile Legends Joy: Hero overview, skill analysis and release date

The Child of Miracle!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has recently released a new hero, Joy with the latest patch update, who is meant to be released after Fredrinn. This new hero is a Leonin with a love for dance and song rhythms, this also applies to her gameplay as players must learn to understand and flow with her skills and rhythm. Additionally, Joy is a Magic Damage-type Assassin hero that has high mobility, blink skills, CC immunity and even a purify-type effect. So without much further Ado, let’s check out her amazing skillsets.


Passive – Humph, Joy’s Angry


Joy becomes Angry! For 4s each time her skill deals damage to a non-minion enemy, during which she gains 100% extra movement speed and 16% Damage Reduction. This effect can only be triggered once every 4s on the same enemy. Joy’s Basic Attack deals 80 (+30% Total Physical Attack) (+80% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage.

Skill 1 – Look, Leonin Crystal!

CD – 5.0


Joy summons a Leonine Crystal at the target location, dealing 200/220/240/260/280/300 (+40% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to nearby enemies. The Leonine Crystal lasts 2.4s and can be used as a springboard for Meow, Rhythm of Joy!

Skill 2 – Meow, Rhythm of Joy!

CD – 10.0


Joy dashes in the target direction, dealing 230/255/280/305/330/355 (+80% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies in her path. Hitting an enemy or the Leonin Crystal from Look, Leonine Crystal allows Joy to enter Beat Time!

For 1s, during which she’s immune to control effects and cast this skill again (up to 5 times). If cast again within 0.8-1s, Meow, Rhythm of Joy! Deals 60% increased Damage (can stack). Players can also Turn up the volume and dance to the rhythm of Joy.

Skill 3 – Ha, Electrifying Beats!

CD – 28.0


Ha, Electrifying Beats! unlocks after Joy casts Meow, Rhythm of Joy! 5 times in succession. Joy removes all control effects on her and releases the stored energy, gaining 30% extra Movement Speed and Slow Immunity for 4s and dealing 230/260/290 (+40% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to nearby enemies 8 times over the duration. Each Meow, Rhythm of Joy! cast on the beat increases this skill’s damage by 25%. Enemies hit by this skill multiple times take reduced damage (to as low as 60%).

Skill Analysis and Hero Overview

Joy is an amazing hero with very high mobility and blink capabilities, another important perk she has is a purify + damage ULT which makes it quite easier for her to move in and out freely on the battlefield. Joy’s passive is quite unique as it provides extra movement speed as well as damage reduction whenever she deals damage to non-minion enemies like creeps, summons, and enemy heroes, making it quite easier for her to excel against multiple enemy units.

Joy in Mobile Legends

Next up is her First skill whose main purpose is to act as a propeller for Joy’s second skill. In short, the Leonin Crystal from Joy’s first skill is meant to be used in combo with her second skill which is her main damage skill. Though Joy possesses so many numerous perks, the main issue players might face is in triggering her ultimate ability which can only be unlocked by casting her second skill five times in quick succession.

However, this should be much easier to trigger when faced with multiple enemies. Joy’s second skill is likened to feeling more like Lancelot’s first skill which allows him to blink continuously, provided the marked rule is met. So to deal enormous damage and also trigger Joy’s ult, players would have to learn to blink quite as fast as possible (max 5 times) or risk the skill going on cool down.

Joy release date in Mobile Legends

Due to the upcoming September Project Next Update, players in the original server might be forced to wait till October for the release of this wonderful Magic Damage-type hero. Joy is going to be the 118th Hero in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Hero Roster and whilst we wait, we sure do hope more wonderful changes and buffs are added to her skillsets.

That’s all for today’s overview guide about Joy in Mobile Legends. Are you excited about the arrival of Joy in MLBB? Let us know in the comment section below!

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