Mobile Legends: Newly obtained heroes can’t be immediately picked in ranked matches confirmed Moonton

The new rule will not actually rule

Other than feeders, AFKs, and trolls, we sometimes encounter players who try using newly obtained heroes in ranked matches of Mobile Legends. “I want to use Luo Yi. Matches: 1. Win rate: 0%” – it was a nightmare for every one of us in the ranked games when Moonton gave away Luo Yi for free back then. And every time this happens whenever a hero is given away for free! However, now the developers are creating a new rule regarding this to improve the overall game experience that will probably fix this.

According to the post on Twitter, Moonton made it clear that newly obtained heroes can only be picked in ranked matches after two matches in classic or brawl mode. This rule only applies to Non-Draft Pick mode (rank matches for Grandmaster and below).

The new Mobile Legends rule doesn’t rule

While it is good that Moonton is doing something to solve the issue, the news is gaining attention for how unnecessary it is to enforce the rules. Two matches are too short for a player to learn and familiarise to a hero to be played in ranked games. Most players recommend increasing the number to at least ten matches in order to bring more significance to the rules.

To make it worse, this new rule is only for Non-Draft Pick mode. Players in Epic rank and above should not be left out to obey this rule as higher rank does not mean that the player is good with every heroes. In addition to that, encountering a player trying out newly obtained hero is more frustrating in Epic and above compared to the lower ranks since enemies are well versed on their own respective heroes.

Final verdict

It is indeed important to bring in changes to increase the quality of game environment for players, but those changes should be well revised and considering the responses from players. There are so much improvement that can be made to this new rule which is ultimately enabling this feature to Draft Pick mode too. Other than that, the number of matches before using the hero in rank should be increased too.

For now, it is a good start that Moonton is paying attention to small details like addressing their matchmaking issue and making this new rule. Let’s hope for further in-game improvements for better gaming experience and more strict policies for using newly obtained heroes in ranked matches of Mobile Legends.

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