Mobile Legends Novaria: Hero overview, skill analysis and release date

Novaria is a long-range mage who joined us on the advanced server and is the 120th hero of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. She has a glowing effect all over her body, similar to Brody’s hand. This hero’s main plus point is her buffed attack and AoE damage; when these two are combined with her long rage skill casting abilities, she can be used as a deadly sniper mage on the battlefield. So without further ado, let’s just check her skills to understand what she is capable of.


Passive – Star Trail (Damage)

Basically, this passive skill will enhance Novaria skill 2’s second phase. After being hit by Novaria’s skill, enemies will be marked (showing an orb sign on top of the enemy), and if they are hit by the Astral sphere (Skill 2, Phase 2), then the marked enemy will receive Magic damage equal to 15% of the enemies Max HP.  

Skill 1 – Astral Meteor (Slow, Area of Effect)

CD – 8/7.6/7.2/6.8/6.4/6
Mana – 100/110/120/130/140/150

This is the first skill for Novaria. The skill is as simple as its name. Upon casting this skill, it will summon meteors in a designated place while dealing 100 (+25% Total Magic Power)/110/120/130/140/150 magic damage and slowing down the enemies by 20%;

If they are hit by it, the meteor shower will continue while dealing 50 (+15% Total Magic damage)/55/60/65/70/75 magic damage and slowing them down by 10% (capped at 60%). It is kind of similar to Yve’s second skill, but Novaria’s skill deals an extra 80% damage to minions.

Skill 2 – Astral Recall (Burst, Buff)

Mana – 85/90/95/100/105/110

This is a very unique skill for Novaria, especially because this skill makes her a sniper, as we discussed earlier. This skill has two phases: first, it summons a sphere to her position (feels like Aamon’s skill 2), and in phase two, you can release it again in a designated direction to strike down the enemies, while at the same time, Nova can pass through walls.

The first phase will deal 150 (+40% Total Magic Power)/180/210/240/270/300 amount of magic damage and then the second phase means when she launches the sphere within 2 seconds it will deal 300 (+80% Total Magic Power)/350/400/500/550 magic damage to enemies plus 200% extra damage based on the sphere’s travel time. It simply means that the longer it goes, the more damage it will deal to enemies.

Ultimate Skill 3 – Astral Echo (Buff)

CD – 20/18/16

This skill has a long-range effect as well. Basically, Nova shoots a beam-type thing known as Astral Chains in the designated direction, and this will lock the enemy and reveal nearby enemies’ positions while dealing 200 (+30% Total Magic Power)/250/300 magic damage. The special thing is that it increases the hitbox of the target by 50%. If you use the ultimate near your tower, then the tower will increase its shooting rage and hit the enemy automatically.

Skill Analysis and Hero Overview

Novaria may be weak in the early stages, but she can be used to maintain decent gold and turret lead. So the best way to use her is to shoot your ultimate first to mark the particular enemy and detect nearby enemies, then use her second skill to deal extra damage because once hit by Novaria’s skill 3, the enemy will be marked.

Novaria in Mobile Legends

This is a very interesting hero who mainly relies on her skills. The auto-lock technique will give you a hard time, so try to mark enemies manually. She has special features to give her vision in team fights and Turtle and Lord takedowns, so use them wisely to outnumber the enemies in ganks. You can do the following Skill Combo to gain an upper hand on the battlefield:

Skill 3 + Skill 2 + Skill 1

Novaria release date in Mobile Legends

The release date of Novaria on the original server is not yet confirmed, but we can expect that it will be released at the end of March or the beginning of April. This new hero is very unique, but she relies 90% on the skill, so one wrong skill or wrong decision will take her down immediately. This hero may change the mage meta and be a good counter for Xavier when it is released on the original server.

That’s all for today’s overview guide about Novaria in Mobile Legends. Are you excited about the arrival of Novaria in MLBB? Let us know in the comment section below!

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