Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.22 Update: Hero Adjustments, Battlefield Changes and more

New changes after the big update are in the Advanced Server!

With the new Project NEXT September 2023 Update already live in the Original Server of the game, the game has seen a lot of changes in the Hero Adjustments section, along with Battlefield changes in the game. With a lot of Hero Revamps in the mix, the developers have rolled out some changes in the Advanced Server, owing to the feedback of the players and more improvements in the future. Let us break down the Patch 1.8.22 Update in Mobile Legends in detail.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.22 Update: Hero Adjustments

Revamped Lunox (Adjusted)

Developers have decided not to add or remove Lunox’s skills, but they will keep the adjustments to her power stacks and other parts. They have also noted the adjustments to her Passive that convert her attribute. The following are the adjustments made based on the skills available on the Official Server.

Passive (↑)

  • Changed the stack cap from 2 Orders or Chaos to 1 each.
  • New Effect: Lunox’s skills can now benefit from the Cooldown Reduction bonuses.
  • Revamped Effect: Based on Lunox’s form, her Spell Vamp and Percentage Magic Penetration are now converted to one another at the ratio of 1:1.25.

Skill 2 (Chaos) (↓)

The skill no longer slows enemies by 10%.

Ultimate (Order) (↓)

No longer slows enemies.

Cooldown: 28-20s >> 30-20s

Ultimate (Chaos) (~)

  • Her Skill 2 no longer costs mana during her Ultimate in Chaos form.
  • Developers have added the visual effects of her damaged area after she casts the Ultimate.
  • Cooldown: 25-15s >> 30-20s

Joy (Adjusted)

Experimental adjustments: Developers wanted to make it easier for Joy’s opponents to deal with her, while at the same time making her less difficult to play.

Mobile Legends Joy Game Hero Guide Cover

Joy’s enemy can now interrupt her Skill 2 with CCs. Joy should now look for the right time to enter the fight. But she still has options if her Skill 2 is interrupted.

Skill 2 (↓)

  • Removed Effect: Immune to control effects during Beat Time!
  • Cooldown: 12-9s >> 6-4 s

Ultimate (↑)

Her Ultimate now unlocks after she casts her Skill 2 on beat once, but her Ultimate damage still scales with the number of Skill 2 casts on beat.

Her Ultimate with 4 Skill 2 casts on beat makes her immune to control effects during the Ultimate.

  • Cooldown: 40-24s >> 24-20s
  • Damage: 150-270 +55% Total Magic Power >> 135-245 +50% Total Magic Power

Multiple skill hits on the same target will deal 20% less damage each time, down to 20% >> 15% less damage each time, down to 55%.

Selena (Buffed)

Developers have decided to stop adjusting Selena’s marks and only keep some of the basic experience optimizations for the following tests. The following are the adjustments made based on the skills available on the Official Server.

Skill 1 (Elven) (~)

  • New Effect: Marks can now be applied to Minions.
  • Damage adjustments to non-hero targets are the same as to heroes.
  • Slightly increased the explosion range.
  • Fixed an issue where the actual slow effect of the first strike did not match its description.

Skill 1 (Abyssal) (↑)

  • New Effect: Hitting a marked enemy now refreshes the cooldown of her Skill 2 (Abyssal).
  • Removed the mana cost.

Skill 2 (Abyssal) (↑)

Removed the mana cost.

Ultimate (~)

Cooldown: 5.5-3s (does not benefit from Cooldown Reduction) >> 4.5s (does benefit from Cooldown Reduction)

Revamped Moskov (Nerfed)

The new effect of Moskov’s Ultimate has given him new possibilities, so devs are nerfing the other effects of his Ultimate hit and hoping that the new effect is used more often.

Moskov Mobile Legends Guide Cover
Image via MOONTON Games

Developers also want Moskov to be able to teleport directly to a location with his Ultimate instead of having to move again with Skill 1 to get the Attack Speed boost. So they will give his Ultimate an Attack Speed bonus, but slightly nerf his Attack Speed bonuses while he’s not using his Ultimate.

Skill 1 (↓)

Attack Speed Boost: 1.15-1.5x >> 1.15-1.4x

Ultimate (~)

  • New Effect: The second strike of his Ultimate now boosts Attack Speed like his Skill 1.
  • Longest Slow Duration Possible: 5s >> 3s
  • Ultimate Cooldown: 55-45s >> 46-40s
  • Base Damage: 600-800 >> 500-700
  • Penetrate Damage: 780-1040 + 130% Total Physical Attack >> 550-770 + 110% Total Physical Attack

Masha (Adjusted)

Developers are going with the previous adjustments to Masha and fine-tuning her gameplay in the following patches. Masha’s skills are now adjusted to the Patch 1.8.18 Advanced Server version.

Alucard (Adjusted)

Based on player feedback, they are optimizing the changes to Alucard and keeping the skill-centric play style. The following are the adjustments made based on the skills available on the Official Server.

Passive (↓)

Removed Effect: Deals more damage when hitting only one hero.

Skill 2 (↑)

  • Base Damage: 320-420 >> 320-520
  • Cooldown: 5s at all levels >> 5-3s

Ultimate (↑)

  • Hybrid Lifesteal from Ultimate Upgrades: 5%-15% >> 10%-30%
  • Slow Duration: 4s >> 6s
  • Slow Effect: 50% >> 30%
  • New Effect: His Ultimate absorbs Hybrid Defense from nearby enemy heroes.
  • Removed Effect: His Ultimate grants extra Hybrid Lifesteal.
  • Removed Effect: Deals extra damage with his Passive to targets hit.

Nana (Buffed)

The experimental adjustments returned. Developers are optimizing the logic of her Skill 2 so that players can still use it to reveal an area and as a roadblock.

Skill 2 (↑)

  • Visual Optimizations: Updated the on-hit and explosion effects; added a range indicator.
  • Logic Optimizations: Enemies are transformed after a direct hit and will now flee in the direction of the skill, not away from Nana.
  • New Effect: If the skill doesn’t transform an enemy hero, Molina remains on the target location for 2s.

Dyrroth (Nerfed)

Developers are going with the previous adjustments to Dyrroth and fine-tuning his gameplay in the following patches.

Skill 1 (↓)

Slightly reduced the base damage of Skill 1.

Odette (Adjusted)

Optimized the skill cooldown to slightly increase her damage.

Skill 1 (↑)

Cooldown: 7s >> 6-5s

Skill 2 (↓)

Cooldown: 11-8.5s >> 12-10s

Sun (Buffed)

Developers are upgrading Sun’s graphics quality and increasing his burst damage. Since his skins haven’t been upgraded accordingly yet, developers are removing them temporarily.

Skill 2 (↑)

New Effect: The skill damage counts as Basic Attack damage and can trigger the Attack Effect.

Khaleed (Buffed)

Khaleed Mobile Legends Game Cover
Image via Moonton Games

The devs are making Khaleed’s skills easier to use.

Skill 1 (↑)

  • The skill will now cast 3 times with or without hitting a target.
  • Slightly increased the dash speed.

Skill 2 (↓)

Damage Reduction: 50%-70% >> 35%-50%

Ultimate (↑)

Devs have slightly increased the channeling speed.

Arlott (Buffed)

Arlott’s opponents now have enough time to react to his Ultimate after devs have increased the skill’s foreswing time. They are reverting to the rest of the previous nerfs.

Skill 2 (↑)

Base Damage: 110-310 >> 135-335

Ultimate (↑)

Cooldown: 30-24s >> 24-18s

Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.22 Update: Battlefield Adjustments

  • The time was slightly increased what it takes for an enemy to disappear after entering the bush.
  • Heroes’ turn speed has increased.
  • Golden Staff can now properly trigger Yu Zhong’s Passive stacks.
  • An issue was fixed where Dyrroth’s Ultimate would be interrupted when knocked airborne.

That’s all for the Patch 1.8.22 Update in Mobile Legends.

What are your thoughts on the Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.22 Update? Let us know in the comments below!

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