Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.80 Update: Hero, Battlefield Adjustments, and more

Adjustments to heroes, equipments and more!

In this Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.80 Update, devs will continue to optimize the Equipment. Meanwhile, devs will also be adjusting those heroes whose strength has been greatly increased or reduced due to Equipment adjustments. These hero adjustments will be made in batches and will continue over several Advanced Server updates.

  • Devs will compensate heroes who have become too weak due to Equipment adjustments.
  • Devs will also be nerfing heroes who are currently strong or balanced but have received a significant power boost due to Equipment adjustments.

As for the heroes who are currently weak, devs will not adjust them, until devs evaluate how much the Equipment adjustments have strengthened them. Developers hope that the equipment adjustments can give them more opportunities to shine.

In addition, devs have reduced some Jungle Tanks’ Jungling Speed, because they can easily clear their own Jungle and invade the enemy’s Jungle. However, the Jungling Speed of some Assassin Junglers will be increased to some extent. Devs will continue to monitor the effects of this modification.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.80 Update: Hero Adjustments

Kagura (↑)

As a representative of high-level Mages, Kagura’s high Mana Cost and poor lane-clearing ability have made her uncompetitive in tournaments. In this regard, devs have optimized Kagura’s casting and lane-clearing experience.

Kagura revamp MLBB
Image via MOONTON Games

Skill 1 (↑)

  • Mana Cost: 60-110 >> 50-80
  • New Effect: Increased Max damage to the non-hero unit to 130%

Nana (↓)

Nana can deal extremely high damage with a single skill in the late game, which often results in squishy heroes getting one shot by Nana before they can react. Devs have reduced Nana’s single-target burst damage while increasing her AOE damage to balance it out.

Skill 1 (↓)

  • Base Damage: 320-440 >> 300-400
  • Magic Bonus: 100% of Total Magic Power >> 90% of Total Magic Power
  • Damage to enemy hit reduced by: 20% >> 10%
  • Max Reduction: 60% >> 40%

Alucard (↑)

Devs have slightly improved the power in the early and mid-game.

Passive (~)

Physical Damage: 140% of Total Physical Attack >> 80 +125% of Total Physical Attack

Ultimate (↑)

Hybrid Lifesteal gained: 10%-30% >> 15%-30%

X.Borg (↓)

Mobile Legends X.Borg
X.Borg in MLBB (Image via MOONTON Games)

As an excellent Fighter with both recovery and burst potential, X.Borg’s current sustainability is a bit too strong. Devs hope to reduce the recovery that X.Borg gains from Spell Vamp to reduce his sustainability.

Skill 1 (↓)

Spell Vamp Ratio: 100% >> 50%

Ultimate (↓)

Spell Vamp Ratio: 100% >> 50%

Roger (↓)

Roger dominated when laning against other Marksmen with his extremely high Lifesteal in the early game, while others were nerfed. Devs have reduced the Lifesteal but also ensured his survivability in Wolf form in the early game.

Attributes (↓)

Base HP: 2730 >> 2430

Ultimate (↑)

Increased Hybrid Defense (Wolf): 25-70 >> 40-70

Diggie (↓)

Diggie’s Ultimate counters a lot of heroes who are good at control. Devs want to slightly nerf that.

Ultimate (↓)

Duration: 3s >> 2s

Gusion (↑)

The skill has increased his Jungling Speed.

Passive (↑)

Damage: 3% of target’s Lost HP >> 3% of target’s Max HP

Aamon (↑)

The Jungling Speed has increased.

Passive (↑)

Duration: 2.5s >> 3s

Skill 1

Cooldown: 9-6.5s >> 7s at all levels

Bane (↑)

Mobile Legends Bane Guide MLBB, Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.10 Update
Image via MOONTON Games

The skill has increased his jungle speed and ability to fight Jungle Tanks.

Passive (↑)

Damage: 3.5 (Level* 0.3)% of target’s Max HP >> 4 (Level* 0.4)% of target’s Max HP

Barats (↓)

Reduced his Jungling Speed

Skill 1 (↓)

Firecracker only deals 50% damage to Creeps.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.80 Update: Battlefield and System Adjustments

Battlefield Adjustments

Minion Adjustments

Devs have noticed that Mages are having difficulty clearing lanes in the late game (especially when facing Super Minions after Base Turrets have been destroyed). To change this, devs have reduced the Magic Defense of some Minions while increasing the defense of the allied Lord in the late game to balance out the overall duration of the match.

  • They have reduced the base Magic Defense of Siege Minions and Special Siege Minions by 20, and their Magic Defense growth per minute by 1.
  • They have reduced the base Magic Defense of Advanced Melee Minions and Advanced Ranged Minions by 30.
  • They have increased the Physical and Magic Defense growth per minute of allied Lord by 1.5.

Emblem Adjustments

Adjusted the unlock level of the two new Talents. Original Battle Spells that include the new Talents may have their Talents changed, please adjust them manually.

  • Emblem Level to unlock Talent – War Cry: 50 >> 45
  • Emblem Level to unlock Talent – Temporal Reign: 45 >> 50

Appearance Order of Purchasable Equipment

Experimental Adjustments

 Previously, without “Pre-Order“, the cheapest Equipment would always appear in the top right corner of the game, but in most cases, it is more cost-effective to build high-level Equipment than to buy a lot of cheaper individual parts, so devs have adjusted the order in which the purchasable Equipment appears.

For example, if a player purchases Corrosion Scythe, the optimal choice would be to purchase Swift Crossbow, which will now appear in the “‘left to right” order of the Equipment Build Path, and no other low-level purchasable Equipment will appear until the Swift Crossbow is obtained.

At the same time, devs have changed the order of some Equipment build paths to ensure that in most cases the optimal order of build pieces is “left to right”.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.80 Update: Equipment Adjustments

Sky Piercer (↓)

Unique Passive – Lethality (↓)

  • Max Stacks: 70 >> 50
  • Fixed an issue where excess damage was counted in statistics.

Glowing Wand and Necklace of Durance (Merge)

Glowing Wand now includes the healing reduction effect from Necklace of Durance and returns with a brand-new icon!

Unique Passive – Lifebane (New)

Dealing damage to a target will reduce the Shield and HP Regen effects on them by 50% for 3s.

Price (↓): 1950 >> 2150

Twilight Armor (Reworked)

Devs have improved the versatility of Twilight Armor against burst damage.

Unique Passive – Twilight (Reworked)

Upon taking more than 800 damage in a single instance, the excess damage beyond that amount is reduced by (0.4% of Max HP)% without cooldown (applies to enemy damage only).

Queen’s Wings (Reworked)

Based on the feedback and suggestions they have received, they have optimized this equipment with new effects that are more suited to Fighters and give them stronger counterattack capabilities.

Unique Passive – Demonize (Reworked)

  • When HP drops below 40%, where it gains 40% of Damage Reduction for 3s and reduces the skill cooldown by 2s.
  • Cooldown: 60s.

Unique Passive – Defiance (New)

For every 1% HP lost, damage is increased by 0.25%, up to 15%.

Thunder Belt (↓)

Some ranged heroes can get much better survivability from this Equipment, compared to other squishy heroes, while still dealing high damage. We have reduced this for balance.

Unique Passive – Thunderbolt (↓)

This effect is reduced to 50% for Marksmen and Mages.

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