Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.5.64: All you need to know

Lots of upcoming changes!

With Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) being one of the most popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games out there, developers at Moonton are constantly making changes to heroes, the battlefield, and the system to optimize the gameplay for everyone. With the arrival of a leaked Mobile Legends 1.5.64 Patch Update, there are some minor adjustments to heroes and the battlefield, as well as the skill overview of MLBB’s newest hero, Phoveus! Players can anticipate these patch changes to arrive in the Advanced Server soon.

Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.5.64
Mobile Legends 1.5.64 Patch Update Announcement

Hero Adjustments

New Hero – Phoveus

Previously known only as Hero 106, this patch update will include Phoveus, the Shadow of Dread into the Advanced Server. He will be a Magic Damage Fighter with a skill focus on punishing enemies with Blink skills. For more information, check out his Hero Overview.

New Hero: Phoveus


Developers have fixed Gloo, so he is available to play once again. Turret damage will no longer be transmitted to the target, during his Ultimate. This has been done to optimize the gameplay for teams.


Heroes with Control or Slow Immunity can now be affected by Gloo’s Passive, and the stack counter has been rectified. (Those with immunity will not be affected)


  • Max duration of being attached: 6s-9s
  • Skill 1 and Skill 2 cooldowns are halved when attached to the target
  • Passive stacks no longer lost after detaching from the target


Natalia is still a permanent banned hero in the Original Server when playing ranked matches, so developers have adjusted her with considerations from players. Her silence mechanism is changed, but she is given more HP growth and Physical Damage Bonus to make her less viable in the Early game, but better in the Mid and Late game.


HP Growth: 134 → 154


  • Enhanced Basic Attacks only mark targets. Only targets with a mark can be silenced with an Enhanced Basic Attack.
  • Silence Duration: 0.6s → 1s
  • Base Damage of Enhanced Basic Attack: 350 → 250
  • Total Physical Attack Bonus for Enhanced Basic Attack: 90% → 120%


Since his last buff, Estes is still not a popular hero in ranked matches, so developers are increasing his viability in the early game. His protective capabilities are improved in the early game, and he will have greater fighting capabilities when linked with multiple allies.

Skill 1

  • Base immediate heal: 200-350 → 250-400 ( This increases proportionally when levelled up).
  • Physical Attack bonus when linked with allied heroes → 20%
  • Magic Power bonus when linked with allied heroes → 10%

System Adjustments

  • Effects, Killing Notifications, Elimination Effects, Spawn Effects, and Battle Emote Trial Cards can be used immediately after purchase by tapping
  • Draft Pick Mode Optimizations:
    • Special effects on the Fill option has been added
    • You can now switch lanes by using the Quick Chat function
  • The time limit for adjustments in Custom and Solo Classic Mode is now 20s
  • Spawn point map elements in the MCL Imperial Sanctuary has been optimized
  • The frequency at which the Mentoring Relationship application tutorial is shown has been adjusted
  • Various red notification icons have been optimized. The number of notifications that appear in the battle/in the system has been reduced
  • If in a team of 5 friends, it is now possible to use newly-obtained heroes in Ranked mode.

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