Mobile Legends Season 23 most banned heroes reveal it was the season for Marksman and Assassin

Valentina was the top banned hero with 61.31% ban percentage!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang season 23 has closed its curtain on March 25th, 2022, with Masha “Spirited Gauntlet” as season skin rewards for each player actively participating. There are so many adjustments, hero buff and nerf, and the shift of meta that makes this season full of surprise. Here, we give you a great insight into the most banned heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang season 23 and why season 23 was the season for those players.

There is always a hero in every season that becomes a nightmare for every player. Set aside the players’ skill, their mere presence terrifies every player. Therefore, they will become a hero that will always be banned at every opportunity. However, last season was an excellent season for Marksman and Assassin players as they gained a huge benefit due to the top banned hero as most of them proven to be a great obstacle for Assassin and Marksman.

MLBB Season 23 Most Banned Heroes

According to the official Twitter of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, some new faces have already become top banned last season. Those are Valentina, Edith, Yin, and Aamon, as they have proven to become the real deal in the land of dawn. Valentina was the most banned hero with a 61.31% ban percentage. Her massive magic damage and her ultimate ability in copying enemy have become a real deal for players.

Mobile legends Bang bang most banned heroes
Image via MOONTON Games

The resurgence of Fanny due to revamping made her become one of the top banned heroes with 30.69%, along with her fellow assassins, Lancelot, Karina, and Selena. Also, some players usually use three fighters as core heroes and are also put into top banned heroes. Those are PaquitoAulus, and Yin; due to their massive physical damage, a good defense makes them difficult to beat in a 1v1 encounter. EstesSelena, and Cecilion, proven to become real nemesis, also became top banned heroes due to their enormous Roamer or Midlaner abilities.

MLBB Season 23: A great season for Assassin and Marksman

Based on the most banned hero list, it is clear that season 23 was an excellent season for Assassin and Marksman users. The absence of top assassins such as Fanny and Lancelot has given them a huge boost and confidence to become more aggressive during the laning phase or even at war engagement.

Lancelot Mobile Legends Guide Cover
Image via MOONTON Games

They will not have to worry about the presence of an assassin that can eliminate them from blind spots as we know that Fanny and Lancelot possess great agility that makes them easier to penetrate the war and rush into Marksman in no time. Especially in this current META tank as a core, Marksman will become reliable heroes that can penetrate the Tank’s high defense and act as insurance in the late game.

Whereas, the absence of strong and durable heroes like Aulus, Paquito, and Edith will make assassin players more mobile in the battle. It makes them easier to eliminate enemies midlaner or even their core players.

Image via MOONTON Games

The absence of Selena and Estes proves to be beneficial for Marksman and Assassin users as those two heroes are strong and reliable roamer that will make them difficult. While Estes has an extreme regeneration ability that ensures victory during war, Selena’s Abyssal Trap can detect hiding enemies. Her Abyssal Arrow will stun her enemies and make them easier to be eliminated.

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