Mobile Legends Season 23: New skins, adjustments, and map to release on 25 December

Karrie to get the all-new Elite skin "Wheel of Justice"

With Ranked Mode Season 22 coming to an end very soon, Season 23 is just right around the corner in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Starting on Christmas Day, 25 DecemberSeason 23 will bring lots of new content to the game, including new skinsmultiple adjustments, and a new map. In this article, we will take a look into everything you need to know about Season 23 that has just been announced by Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends Season 23: Upcoming skins and adjustments

S22 Season Exclusive Skin

Starting off, the Season Exclusive Skin for Season 22 will be Terizla’s “Rustwreck”. This skin will be given out to all players who have participated in the game’s Ranked Mode and achieved a rank of Master or above in Season 22 based on their highest rank achieved during Season 22.

Mobile Legends Season 23
Terizla’s “Rustwreck” skin

Apart from the Season Exclusive Skin, other rewards will also be given out to players who have participated in the game’s Ranked Mode. These rewards will most likely be sent to players shortly after the ending and reset of the Ranked Mode. These rewards include in-game Tickets and Battle Points for players of all ranks. Players of rank Mythic will also receive an Extra Emote

S23 Season Recharge: Elite Skin

Following the commencement of Ranked Mode Season 23 in Mobile Legends: Bang BangKarrie will be receiving an all-new Elite Skin by the name of “Wheel of Justice”. Wheel of Justice will be S23 Season Recharge Skin, which will most likely allow players to obtain for recharging in-game Diamonds at least one time, which will then allow players to purchase it at the cost of 50 in-game Diamonds.

Mobile Legends Season 23
Karrie’s “Wheel of Justice”

Other perks for players who recharge during Ranked Season 23 will most likely include Weekly Rewards of various types, and a Name Change Card players can purchase after recharging for at least 3 different days at a cost of 50 in-game Diamonds.

Lord Adjustments

Another exciting piece of content coming to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with Season 23 includes a series of adjustments to the Lord

All Lord Adjustments coming in Season 23 as announced include:

  • The Lord first spawns after: 9 minutes → 8 minutes
  • The Lord respawns after: 4 minutes → 3 minutes
  • The Lord evolves again after: 18 minutes
  • The Neutral Lord has higher Defense and needs more heroes to attack
  • The Summoned Lord’s Defense is higher when there are more allies nearby
  • Allies near the Summoned Lord will gain the skill: deal extra damage to enemies

This series of adjustments to the Lord will most likely affect the way that games will be played out on the battlefield, including adopting different strategies on when and how to attack the Neutral Lord without having the enemy interrupting and stealing the lord. With the new skill that ally heroes gain when near the Summoned Lord, it will prove to be a challenge for the enemy team to try and kill both the Lord and the ally heroes near it. 

Jungling Adjustments

Players who are main Jungler heroes can rejoice over the series of Jungling Adjustments set to release in Season 23 in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

All Jungling Adjustments coming in Season 23 as announced include:

  • For the first 2 minutes, it is safer to farm in the teamside Jungle
  • After the Purple Buff is taken, a gap will appear behind it, making it easier to farm in the Jungle
  • Taking the Orange Buff will reward a small amount of Penetration

This series of adjustments to the Jungling system in the game will be sure to benefit Jungler heroes, who can now Jungle in a more efficient and safer environment without having to fear as much about the enemy team who may invade and attempt to steal the Jungle monsters.

Hero Adjustments

Apart from adjustments to the Lord and Jungling system, certain heroes will also be adjusted in Season 23 in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This series of adjustments will help to balance the strength of certain heroes to significantly improve the overall gameplay experience of players. 

Mobile Legends Season 23
Hero adjustments

We have used the arrow icons to indicate the respective changes. Additionally, using the ↑ and ↓  icons will indicate strengthening and nerfing respectively. 

↑ Strengthening of heroes in Season 23

↓ Nerfing of heroes in Season 23

It is currently unclear how exactly these heroes will be adjusted accordingly. More information by MOONTON or Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is expected to be released during Season 23

Battlefield Adjustments

Battlefield Adjustments will also be introduced to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in Season 23, which will help to significantly improve the overall gameplay experience of players as well. All Battlefield Adjustments coming in Season 23 as announced include:

  • New protection for the Base Turrets
  • Group Turtle Shield
  • Fountain’s Movement Speed Boost in the Late Game

With the introduction of these new Battlefield Adjustments, teamfights out on the battlefield are expected to become more intense and skilled from both teams. Although unclear from the Preview video, the new protection for the Base Turrets seems to make it harder to be destroyed by enemy heroes in the event of an attack. 

From the Preview video, 3 allied heroes from the same team were shown standing beside the Turtle as it had been slain, granting all 3 of them a green-colored shield. It is currently unclear how exactly this shield will work and the protection it provides to heroes with the shield. 

Lastly, heroes who have either recalled to their base or have been previously slain will seem to be receiving an extra Movement Speed Boost from the Fountain in the Late Game stage. This will most likely help heroes from both teams to quickly move out from their base and join their teammates in teamfights. 

New Map: “Sanctum Island”

Last but not least, a new map will be introduced to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in Season 23. This new map is seen to have all-new designs for the baseturretsJungle monsters, and even walls surrounding the battlefield.

New Map “Sanctum Island”

The new design of the map will most likely help to create more challenging team fight scenarios on the battlefield for players of both teams and encourage closer competition in order to emerge victoriously. It will be extremely interesting to see what new strategies and techniques may be utilized by players in this all-new map. 

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