Mobile Legends Karrie Guide: Best Build, Emblem and Gameplay Tips

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Karrie, the Lost Star, is one of the current meta marksmen in Mobile Legends, and what sets her apart is her Tank build. While her skills are pretty easy to pick up, truly mastering them is the key to dominating the game. You’ll often find players banning Karrie in drafts, highlighting just how much of an impact she can make on the battlefield. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the best emblem set, spells, and build for Karrie, and sprinkle in some insider tips and tricks.

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Skill analysis

Karrie has a basic skill line-up with one passive and three active skills. In this Karrie guide, let’s see what are her abilities in Mobile Legends, and when you can use which skill to get the best out of her.

Passive – Light Wheel Mark (Buff)

passive skill

Karrie’s strength lies in her ability to stack Lightwheel Marks with both basic attacks and skills. Once a target has 5 stacks of Lightwheel Marks, the marks will turn into a lightwheel, dealing true damage equal to 6%-8% of the target’s max HP to them (up to 300 damage against creeps).

Since this passive skill inflicts damage based on a percentage rather than a fixed amount, it’s most effective against enemies with high health. The greater the maximum HP, the more substantial the damage inflicted.

Skill 1 – Spinning Light Wheel

CD – 8

skill 1

Karrie unleashes a sphere of energy surging in the targeted direction, dealing 250 + 90% of her Total Physical Attack as physical damage to enemies in its path. The sphere stops upon hitting an enemy hero or reaching its max travel distance, consistently dealing 150 + 20% of her Total Physical Attack as physical damage to nearby enemies. Additionally, it inflicts an 80% slowing effect for 1 second.

This skill is useful when dealing with a bunch of minions, as it damages them whether I’m there or not. It comes in handy when enemies surround the minions, and I can’t use basic attacks. Also, it works well against the approaching Lord and Holy Lord, slowing them down.

Skill 2 – Phantom Step

CD – 4.5

skill 2

Karrie dashes in a chosen direction, releasing a light orb that deals a substantial 150 + 70% of her Total Physical Attack as physical damage to enemies. Notably, hitting enemies also adds a stack for true damage. The light orb tracks targets, ensuring it connects even if they try to escape. Regular use of this dash increases damage by stacking. However, it’s crucial to aim it correctly, or you might find yourself too close to the enemy.

During battles, this skill is excellent for creating distance or dodging attacks while dealing damage. But beware, a misstep could bring you closer to enemies, making it easier for them to take you down.

Skill 3 – Speedy Lightwheel

CD – 35

skill 3

Karrie activates (Dual Wield) state for 6 seconds, boosting her Movement Speed by 20%. In this state, each Basic Attack involves throwing two lightwheels, each dealing 50% of her Basic Attack damage and incorporating some Attack Effects.

Typically, when I use this skill at its maximum level against an opponent, it’s akin to a standard basic attack. However, its real power comes into play when I’m up against enemies boasting substantial maximum HP.

Skill-up method for Karrie

Prioritize leveling up Karrie’s Skill 2 for increased frequency and survivability. The dash not only makes her elusive but also deals significant damage. After that prioritize Skill 1 then upgrade her Ultimate when becomes available.

Combinations to perform with Karrie


For effective enemy ganks, start with her ultimate, Speedy Lightwheel, then follow up with Spinning Light Wheel and Phantom Step. Keep throwing in basic attacks, and if your skills are ready, repeat the sequence.

Skill 3 + Skill 1 + Skill 2 + Basic Attack (Repeat Skills if not in CD)

Best Emblem Set and Spells for Karrie in Mobile Legends

For Karrie in the Gold Lane, we suggest using the Basic Common emblem. You can pick talents that best match your style and needs to improve your Karrie gameplay.

Basic Common Emblem

In the Gold Lane, the Basic Common emblem proves advantageous for Karrie, enhancing her Hybrid regen, HP, and Adaptive Attack. This choice improves her sustainability, survivability, and overall damage potential. When combined with standard talents like Swift and Festival of Blood, it creates a potent synergy. Swift boosts attack speed, leading to increased damage output and more efficient application of Lightwheel Marks. Additionally, Festival of Blood provides a spell vamp, enhancing Karrie’s sustain from both basic attacks and skills.

Mobile Legends Karrie Basic Common Emblem
Image via MOONTON Games

As for the core talent, I recommend Brave Smite. Brave Smite is great for Karrie because it provides HP regen when dealing with skill damage. This aligns perfectly with Karrie’s hybrid style, allowing her to stay in battles longer by gaining health as she uses her skills. However, if you want to read an in-depth emblem guide, check here.


If you’re up against a team with lots of heroes who can control you, go for Purify. But if the enemy team doesn’t have much crowd control, you can opt for Vengeance and Flicker instead. Vengeance lets Karrie dish out extra damage when she’s attacked, while Flicker boosts her mobility, letting her move around quickly or escape tough situations.

Best Builds for Karrie in Mobile Legends

Karrie’s builds are versatile, letting you adjust based on the enemy team and your role in battles. Still, it’s smart to focus on items that boost her attack speed, physical damage, and ability to survive. This guide offers a starting point for your Karrie build in Mobile Legends, so feel free to tweak and test it out as you play.

Mobile Legends Karrie Item Builds
Image via MOONTON Games
  • Magic Boots: Helps Karrie reduce cooldowns, allowing her to use skills more frequently.
  • Thunder Belt: Provides additional HP, mana, and a slowing effect after skill use, enhancing Karrie’s survival and control in battles.
  • Endless Battle: Offers physical attack, lifesteal, true damage, and movement speed, catering to Karrie’s hybrid playstyle.
  • Brute Force Breastplate: Enhances attack, movement speed, and reduces crowd control effects, improving Karrie’s overall combat efficiency.
  • Golden Staff: Boosts attack speed, facilitating easy stacking of passive effects on enemies.
  • Corrosion Scythe: Slows enemies and deals extra damage over time, handy for chasing them down.
  • Demon Hunter Sword: Boosts attack speed and deals bonus damage based on the target’s current HP, great for consistent damage in fights.
  • Wind of Nature: Provides a brief period of immunity, allowing Karrie to dodge incoming damage and survive critical moments in team fights.
  • Oracle: Increases HP, regen, and provides a shield, bolstering Karrie’s durability and sustainability.
  • Immortality: Grants a second chance in fights by reviving Karrie after death.
  • Rose Gold Meteor: Provides physical lifesteal, magic defense, and a shield when Karrie’s health is low, adding extra protection.
  • Sea Halberd: Reduces enemy HP regen, lifesteal, and increases damage to heroes with higher extra HP, making it effective against tanky opponents.

Mobile Legends Karrie Gameplay Tips

Karrie, similar to other marksmen, depends on items for success. In the early game, it’s vital to prioritize farming, gaining gold, and steering clear of ganks. If you’re in the Gold Lane, sticking to your lane is crucial. Karrie’s gameplay can be divided into three phases: early, mid, and late game. Our Mobile Legends Karrie guide outlines an effective game plan for each phase. However, a player must need a good understanding of the map to bring the best out of any hero.

Early Game

In the early game, focus on efficient farming to accumulate gold for crucial items while being vigilant about map awareness to evade potential enemy ganks. Take advantage of Karrie’s first and second skills to harass opponents. During the second wave, I consider hiding in the bush and periodically checking the mini-map for enemy movements. If enemies are not visible on the map, I remain concealed in the bush until I can safely observe their positions.

Mobile Legends Karrie Gameplay
Image via MOONTON Games

As a Gold Laner, staying in your lane is paramount for experience and gold gains. Utilize bushes strategically to enhance vision, and exercise caution to avoid overextending, maintaining a balance between aggression and safety.

Mid Game

In the mid-game, focus on poking enemies with your first and second skills to build up damage. Be careful not to overextend, if you feel an ambush coming, play it safe and retreat. This is the time when enemies can easily take you down.

Mobile Legends Karrie Gameplay
Image via MOONTON Games

While moving around in the mid-game, I try to help in taking down objectives like turrets and turtles. Karrie’s damage is vital in team fights, so jump into skirmishes and steadily work towards getting items like Endless Battle and Thunder Belt.

Late Game

In the late game with Karrie, focus on staying at the back during team fights. Use your skills smartly to deal maximum damage while being careful of enemy crowd control. Keep helping your team secure important objectives like Lord and Turtle as your damage is crucial.

Mobile Legends Karrie Gameplay
Image via MOONTON Games

Adjust your items based on how the game is going, I choose defensive items if I’m being targeted or more damage if I’m ahead. Keep an eye on the map, make smart decisions, and work with your team for a strong finish in late-game battles.

Heroes that counter KarrieHeroes Karrie can counter

Final Thoughts

In your journey with Karrie in Mobile Legends, prioritize efficient farming to build items that counter damage and swiftly melt tanks. I recommend pairing up with a teammate for added protection against high-burst enemies and consistently outsmarting your opponents. By avoiding common pitfalls and following these strategies, you’ll pave the way for Karrie to secure easy victories in battles. Master the art of positioning, adapt your build wisely, and lead your team to success. You can also refer to our latest tier list to know more about the revamped meta heroes in this current season.

That’s all for today’s Mobile Legends Karrie Guide. Do you prefer to use Karrie in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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