Mojang reveals its first mob for Minecraft Live 2021 called the Glare

Players will be able to vote for it along with other mobs soon!

As Minecraft Live 2021 is edging closer day by day, Mojang is finally revealing very exciting information about this year’s celebrations. In a YouTube video, they’ve drawn back the curtains on the first mob that will be a part of the Mob Vote in Minecraft Live 2021 called the Glare

A useful little grumpy friend

The Glare seems to be a friendly and cute little mob that spawns in very dark places similar to hostile mobs like Zombies and Creepers. And that’s for a reason! It actually is a warning to players to light up an area that might be too dark and just the right breeding ground for monsters. The Glare actually will even accompany players and get grumpy in darker areas. 

The mob Vote is a sub-event that’s part of the yearly Minecraft Live event. The Glare will only make its way into the game after it is voted in by players. Last year, players got to choose between the Moobloom, the Iceologer, and the Glow Squid.

The Glow Squid won a majority of the votes and hence was added to the game in the next update. Mojang will probably be introducing us to the other mobs soon too and we’d be able to vote once the season starts on Minecraft’s official Twitter account.

About Minecraft Live 2021

For those who don’t know, Minecraft Live is the largest Minecraft event officially hosted by Mojang. It’s usually in person but due to the pandemic, it’ll be streamed online on Minecraft’s official YouTube channel. The Live event lets players in on the updates that add major changes to the game and are extremely popular among Minecraft fans worldwide.

This year’s event takes place on October 16, which is barely a week away! So fans should definitely mark their calendars for one of the biggest gaming events this year. 

Are you excited for Minecraft Live 2021 and Glare, the first mob? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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