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Neocraft’s new RPG title, Last Ultima gets an official launch on Android and iOS

Embark on an adventure!

Last Ultima, the RPG title from Neocraft has just received the official launch for players on both Android and iOS. The game can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple Store.

Last Ultima features an ancient land filled with magic, quests, and plenty of adventures

Last Ultima features an engaging world filled with unique characters as NPCs in the open world where players can interact with them and get new and unique side quests alongside the engaging main questline. The game offers plenty of content in terms of quests and challenges that the players can test themselves against in the game.

Last Ultima official launch, Last Ultima
Image via Neocraft

The game offers a rich lore and environment where players can push the boundaries of imagination and have a great gaming experience. Last Ultima makes use of 3-D technology to provide some of the best visuals possible in a mobile game and allows the players to test the capability of their devices to the core. The game also comes with detailed character customization making the characters have their own unique style and personal touch. From choosing your character’s race to picking the perfect hairstyle and outfit Last Ultima offers all.

The game offers both single and multiplayer experience with there being multiple PvP modes for the players to engage in competitive gaming with other players in the game. The single-player mode will also offer a solid level-clearing experience with many unique bosses in the game along with different and unique dungeons which would provide a great character leveling-up system.

Beng is an RPG game and offers multiple character classes like Swordmaster, Assassin, Sage, or Gunner. Players can choose the different classes according to their will and taste. Each class will offer different stats and unique playstyles. Players will be able to enhance their weapons and armor, unlock powerful new abilities, and with multiple ways to upgrade their character.

Last Ultima official launch, Last Ultima
Image via Neocraft

The game has now received an official launch as an open beta and will be made available on both Android and iOS, Interested players can access the game via Google Play and Apple Stores.

What are your thoughts on Last Ultima getting an official launch? Let us know in the comments below!

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