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NetEase to introduce ChatGPT in their new upcoming MMORPG Justice Online Mobile

Sometimes Innovation is the only way to success!

Chinese giants NetEase announced on February 15 that they will be installing the first game version of ChatGPT ever used in a game, with their new upcoming MMORPG, Justice Online Mobile. The software will reportedly help the NPCs in the game to react in a more logical manner according to the dialogue option used.

NetEase aims to enhance the gaming experience through a pinch of innovation

This would be the first time when a gaming company would be having ChatGPT included in their gaming mechanism. This move if successful will see in the future different game developers also have ChatGPT or any other AI-enhancing software in the mix.

ChatGPT is supposedly aimed at enhancing the way NPCs will react to every dialogue players will make, in a bid to give the game a more humane and realistic approach.

ChatGPT is a synonym of innovation itself, the app has multiple features like AI-generated pictures, which have gone mainstream in recent weeks due to its human-like chatting features and learning ability. Despite its popularity and multiple uses, this is the first time it is making an appearance in a game.

NetEase Justice Online ChatGPT, NetEase
Image via NetEase

Smart NPCs can certainly help to enhance and uplift the gaming experience of any game and they are especially important in RPG or MMORPG titles since a lot of interaction is done through them. Hence Justice Online being an MMORPG itself ChatGPT will be a huge addition to the game. It will add new emotions, new behavioral reactions, and a set of new expressions to the game.

Under the blessing of the game version of ChatGPT, intelligent NPC forms a huge social network, and every behavior of players may produce an effect.

NetEase Justice Online ChatGPT, NetEase
Image via NetEase

All in all, the new addition of ChatGPT is surely to show a more emotional and reactive side of each NPC and make the game as engaging as possible for the players. Since this is an unprecedented yet promising move it will be interesting to see how a move as innovative as it is will be paying dividends in the future.

What are your thoughts on NetEase installing ChatGPT in Justice Online to enhance the gaming experience? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below

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