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NeverAfter: NetEase Games’ new MMORPG enters pre-registration

Explore the dark fairy tale world that brings characters from classic fables together!

NeverAfter pre-registration is now open, according to the announcement by NetEase Games and Guanghe Qiyuan. Pre-registration for NeverAFter is available in Southeast Asia except in the Philippines and Vietnam. NeverAfter is a massively multiplayer online RPG set in a magical realm where players can create a character and interact with characters from classic fairy tales including Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood.

NeverAfter’s versions of these characters have broken free from the confines of their original plot and are now pursuing their own goals. This is a universe where Snow White battles for her own independence rather than fleeing the Wicked Queen, and Little Red Riding Hood is the wolf hunter.

NeverAfter has already had success in Southeast Asia, where it was placed first in the download charts and fifth in the top-grossing game rankings in the ARPG genre under its former name of Dark Fairytales. The game was placed first in the top paid charts on the App Store in 2015, and fifth in the top-grossing charts.

When the game first came out in Hong Kong in 2015, it topped both the top paid and top-grossing charts, and when it came out in Taiwan in 2015, it was among the top three in both the game charts and the top-grossing charts. Dark Fairytales was placed first in dual rankings in numerous locations, held the top spot on the download charts in China for 37 days in a row, and had over 90% five-star reviews.

NeverAfter a twisted fairy tale
Image via NetEase Games

NeverAfter is based on well-known fairy tales that are being reimagined in terrible new ways. In this universe, players will be left wondering whether the Big Bad Wolf or Little Red Riding Hood is the cruelest. The primary story allows players to make friends with fairy tale protagonists and battle with them. NeverAfter blends MMO gameplay with card-based construction components to allow players to boost the strength of their companions.

Participate in exciting social and trade activities

NeverAfter isn’t just about the battle; players can also participate in social and trade activities. Daily dance parties allow players to create their own choreography and show off their amazing abilities on the dance floor! Each player is given their own manor, which they can personalize to their liking, including changing the style to resemble a massive castle or a lovely garden.

NeverAfter has a variety of interesting horses and pets that the player can unlock and bring with them on their adventures. Players who want to trade their stuff can do so using NeverAfter’s novel free trading system, which allows them to bypass stores and booths and just make agreements with one another.

NeverAfter group quests
Image via NetEase Games

NeverAfter’s group objectives emphasize cooperation, and players can battle alongside AI characters if their team needs a boost. NeverAfter’s various quest kinds are intended to appeal to both the hardcore and casual gaming populations. On the battlefield, players can participate in Must-do Quests, Selected Quests, and Limited Quests. NeverAfter is set in a fairy tale world full of adventures, and it doesn’t let players down.

NeverAfter to offer a lot of content while keeping the file’s size as small as possible

NeverAfter’s developers made every effort to keep the game’s file size as little as possible, as ballooning file sizes (combined with enormous upgrades) have become a common problem in the industry. With its extensive gameplay mechanisms and wide breadth of character customization, NeverAfter has a lot of content, to say nothing of its exploration, mansion décor, deck building, and multiplayer interactions.

Players in Southeast Asia can pre-register for NeverAfter on Google Play and the App Store. Those who pre-register will be notified about all news for the game and will be among the first to play it when it goes live. 

Are you excited as NeverAfter is now available for pre-registration? Let us know in the comments below!

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