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New State: Mobile April 2022 Update (0.9.30) Patch Notes

New State: Mobile, the futuristic battle-royale game from Krafton has started bringing major updates in the game. In the previous update, they had introduced a collaboration with McLaren along with new weapons and a lot of balance changes. With the onset of the newest April 2022 update, there will be an introduction of new features and a new game mode named Erangel Extreme BR Mode(48) in New State Mobile. Let us explore the new set of Patch Notes in detail.

New game mode: Erangel Extreme BR Mode (48)

  • It is a new mode where 48 players engage in a round of battle royale that lasts up to 15 minutes.
  • The basic rules of BR: Extreme Mode apply to this mode, but new rules combined with matches are designed to be more fast-paced, differentiating Erangel Extreme BR from the other modes.
  • This mode features “Erangel Sunset”, which is an exclusive weather effect that showcases Erangel in a different light.
  • Players can earn BP, Chicken Medals, and Tier points by playing this mode.


New State Mobile April 2022 Update br 64
Image via Krafton
  • Multi-drops: When the match begins, a random amount of multiple care package drops will appear in random areas. More multi-drops will be available in Squad Mode. During the match, normal care packages will not be dropped. Instead, there will be an additional 1-time multi-drop.
  • Spawn Loadouts: When the match begins, players will be deployed to the Battlegrounds with the following:
    • Secondary Weapon: Skorpion
      • Weapon Attachment: Viper A-Spec Sight
      • 20 rounds (loaded) and an additional 30 rounds of ammo in the Inventory
    • Lv.1 Helmet and Lv.1 Body Armor
    • 1 Smoke Grenade
    • 1 First Aid Kit
    • 4 Bandages
    • 1 Painkiller
    • 2 Energy Drinks
    • 500 Drone Credits
  • Fast-shrinking Playzone: In this mode, the play zone is limited and shrinks very quickly, which means a maximum of 15 minutes of playtime per match, having 5 phases in total.

New State Mobile April 2022 Update: New weapons and items


SIG MCX, a new 5.56mm AR boasts rapid full-auto capabilities, in addition to its impressive DPS. Players can equip a variety of different attachments, including a stock.

New State Mobile April 2022 Update mcx weapon
Image via Krafton

With the attachment of an enhanced suppressor C1, MCX increases its already high damage output, while giving the suppressor effect, in turn. This will also increase the recoil effect, making the front attachment slot unusable.

C2 attachment for DSR-1

C2 for DSR-1 has been added, which is used to attach the tank flash hider. This increases the DSR-1’s damage, in the exchange for higher recoil and an unusable front slot.

C1 attachment for Crossbow

New State Mobile April 2022 Update
Image via Krafton

A customization option has been added for the Crossbow, changing its ammunition to magnetic bombs. Upon landing on a metallic object, the magnetic bomb will stick to it before creating an explosion, after some time. The customization also slightly decreases the Crossbow’s initial hit damage. Players can try customizing the Crossbow using the SG, Crossbow Customization Kit.

Grenade Launcher

There is also an option to attach the Grenade Launcher to the grip slot of an M416 or a Beryl M762. Players can then switch it to the dedicated firing mode, which could enable them to launch grenades at the enemies. Given an option, one can also detach the Grenade Launcher or just switch back to normal firing mode at any time.

Although, it is recommended to switch out to a different grip in normal fire, as the recoil can be very hard to control. One or two designated grenades can be picked up with the launcher. Additional grenades can be purchased from the Drone Store at 100 Drone Credits each, provisional.

10x Deca Vision

New State Mobile April 2022 Update
Image via Krafton

10x Deca Vision is the newest scope, which is added to the game. With its relatively compact size, any gun which can equip a 6x scope can equip the Deca Vision. The new scope can be adjusted, starting from 3x to 10x and can only be obtained from the Drone Store for 1000 credits.

Poison Grenade

A new throwable named Poison Grenade has been added to the game. Players can hold their breath for 4 seconds, before starting to take damage, whilst standing in the gas. This would be good for players who are holding the same spot and can counter the use of smoke grenades.


New State Mobile April 2022 Update
Image via Krafton

This top-of-the-line consumable recovers HP and boost both to 100%. It is a rare spawn in the field but can be purchased from the Drone Store.


Added exclusively for solo mode, Self-AED will turn instant death into a DBNO state, allowing them to heal players with the special item before more shots come your way. The self-defibrillator is another rare spawn that can also be purchased from the Drone Store.

New State Mobile April 2022 Update: New In-Game functions

Gas can and Battery explosions

  • Gas cans and batteries will now explode if they take a certain amount of damage.
  • Explosions can trigger chained explosions.

New exclusive Tactical Equipment slot and button

  • Tactical equipment, including Deployable Shields and Scout Drones, will now have its own exclusive slot and no longer take up the handgun slot.
  • When players acquire tactical equipment, it will appear in a slot below the throwables slot, on the left side of the Inventory.
  • Players can also use this item by tapping the Tactical Equipment button.
  • They can now use tactical equipment, even if they have a handgun or an equipped flare gun.

Allied Grenade Indicator

  • The locations of grenades thrown by the players and their allies will now be marked.
  • The locations will be marked only if they are in the range of the blast.
  • The indicator can be enabled/disabled in the Settings. When disabled, grenades thrown by the player or their allies will not be marked.

New State Mobile April 2022 Update: Survivor Pass, BP Store, Tickets and more

Survivor Pass Vol. 6

New State Mobile April 2022 Update
Image via Krafton
  • The main character of Vol.6 is Marion. Players must complete all the story missions to unlock her costume and character appearance!
  • The Premium Pass must be upgraded to obtain the Steampunk Lady costume set and more rewards.
  • With the level rewards in this Premium Pass, players can get enough NC to purchase the next Premium Pass!

New BP Store Products

  • 3 new vehicle skins will be added to the permanent sales list at the BP Store.
  • The “Weekly Limited Product” is also updated on a weekly basis. Therefore, players must not forget to check back every Thursday.

Tickets to create custom rooms and matches are now available for purchase on the NC Store.

New State Mobile April 2022 Update: Among Us collaboration

As announced a few days, New State Mobile has entered into a collaboration with Among Us, a game by Innersloth, which had been one of the uprising games since 2020. With this new collaboration, there has been an introduction of a new minigame, Among Us themed changes in the Troi map, and many more. Additionally, the background music in the game will be changed to the Among Us BGM.

Among Us Chicken Dinner minigame

Image via Krafton
  • Players can enjoy the Among Us Chicken Dinner minigame on Troi’s Starting Island, before boarding the plane.
  • One squad member is an impostor and the rest are Crew Members.
  • Impostors must hide amongst the Crew Members and eliminate them using a handgun to win.
  • Crew Members must complete tasks and avoid being eliminated by the Impostor to win.

Troi changes

Themed changes will be made to certain parts of Troi.

  • The following areas have been changed:
    • Starting Island
    • Anchorville
    • Chester
  • These areas will be decorated with Among Us characters and animated murals.

New State Mobile April 2022 Update: Map and Mode updates

Troi Extreme BR Mode (64) Update

  • The speed of the Blue Zone has been increased, and the number of phases in a match has been reduced from 8 to 7.
  • The overall match playtime has been reduced by approximately 3 minutes.

Battle Royale Update

  • Care Package Items Adjustment
    • Customization Kits will no longer be available in Care Packages.
    • Recovery items obtained from Care Packages will be limited to the T-RS.
  • Item Spawn Rate Adjustment
    • The spawn rate of Crossbows has increased by 10%.
    • The spawn rates of all items have been adjusted, due to the addition of new items.

Deathmatch Updates

Image via Krafton
  • General Deathmatch Changes: A time of 4 seconds has been added to the end of matches to give players more time in-game after a match.
  • Deathmatch Surrender Function: A surrender function is now available in both Team Deathmatch and Round Deathmatch, which will appear if the team ends up in a very difficult position to turn the game. In case the team votes to surrender, the match will end.
  • Deathmatch Career Results (Ace): Deathmatch Career results will now mark teammates who received an Ace, which is similar to the Battle Royale Career Results.
  • Round Deathmatch (Arena) Update:
    • New Match Stat: Knockout: It can now be viewed in the Round Deathmatch match summary window, which shows the number of opponents who were eliminated, and not downed.
  • .Round Deathmatch Elimination Event Announcement: In-game announcements regarding elimination events have been added to Round Deathmatch. Here are the following announcements which will appear by fulfilling certain requirements, when eliminating the opponents:
    • Headshot: Eliminate an enemy with a shot to the head
    • Strike: Eliminate an enemy with a frag grenade
    • Revenge: Eliminate the player who killed you during your next life/ respawns.
    • Annihilator Banner has been added, which will be highlighted on the top of the player who eliminates the entire enemy team during the match.
  • Co-op Revive: This function, which is available in Battle Royale modes, is now available in Round Deathmatch. The increase in the revive speed is the same in both Battle Royale and Deathmatch modes and depends on the number of people participating. The revive time has been decreased to the following:
    • 1 Teammate helping to Revive/Recruit: 5 seconds
    • 2 Teammates helping to Revive/Recruit: 3.3 seconds
    • 3 Teammates helping to Revive/Recruit: 2.9 seconds

Map Updates

General Troi Changes

  • Garrison Update: An armory has been installed on the patch, leading up to the barracks in the Garrison area. There is a chance of a weapon drop spawning in the armory. However, an alarm will sound when the armory is accessed.
  • Tram Update: Expanding the tram stop on the World Map will now display the arrival time of the next tram.
  • General Erangel Changes The item spawn rate in Avanpost and near its construction building has been increased.

Tier Points System Update

  • The maximum amount of Tier Points that players can lose has been reduced.
  • The amount of Tier Points players can lose in the lower tiers has been reduced.
  • The amount of Tier Points players can lose in Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers has been slightly reduced.

New State Mobile April 2022 Update: Community Functions Update

Find Party Improvements

  • Looking for Team function has been added. Enabling this function will notify players on the Friends list, that they are currently looking to join a team.
  • Make Team Public function has been added. When the leader of the team enables this function, it will alert players that the team is looking for new teammates.

Players must try sending team invites to friends or request to join their team by using these new functions!

Clan System Improvements

Clan Update

  • The new Clan Chat is now available! Players can now easily communicate with their fellow clan members.
  • A chat window has been added to the Clan screen.
  • Clan creation information has been added.
  • Clan member activity can also be checked below Clan Updates.
  • A notice will appear on the Clan Updates screen when a clan member completes this set of achievements.
    • reaches Contender V – Conquerer tiers.
    • reaches Lv. 50 on the Survivor Pass.
    • obtains an Ultimate-grade item or higher from a Royale Chest/Crate.
  • The popup showing how to join clans will show up less frequently.

Find Friends Update

  • Friend Recommendation Function Improvement: A recommended friends list will appear when players add a friend when becoming friends with the listed players!
    • When someone sends you a friend request, information on how the player is connected to you will also be provided.
      • For example, a player which recently won a Battle Royale match with the user will be shown “Player you won a Chicken Dinner with”.
      • The other example is that a friend of a friend will be shown “Mutual Friends: 3”

There are other Quality of Life updates, Controls and in-game Functionality updates coming with this April 2022 Patch Update in New State Mobile.

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