NZ Mobile: Tencent Games showcases the first concept trailer of Assault Fire’s mobile version

Chinese player communities are excited about the game!

Tencent Game’s Assault Fire is one of China’s most famous MMOFPS games. The game combines sci-fi elements with the traditional characters of MMOFPS games. Assault Fire has been an excellent success for Tencent since its release in China. Recently, Tencent released a concept trailer of its mobile version NZ Mobile.

NZ Mobile will have different gameplay from its PC counterpart

The classic Assault Fire game occurs in a futuristic world where players must fight in a war between humans and mutants. Players need to choose a faction before getting into the battlefield.

Like Assault Fire, NZ mobile is also set in a futuristic world. But the gameplay of the mobile version is going to be different. The mobile version takes place at a time when some mysterious energy destroys the earth. 

NZ Mobile
Image via Tencent Games

In NZ mobile, a tiny group of humans still live in the world after the emergence of this potent energy. Players will take up the role of a military member who will seek to find the reasons behind this catastrophe. The players will set on a journey where they will get the answers to all the questions and find out how to revive the civilization again. 

Players are excited about NZ Mobile after the trailer launch

NZ Mobile trailer Tencent
Image via Tencent Games

Fans have been waiting for a new Assault Fire game by Tencent for so long. Assault Fire is very popular among the Chinese FPS community. With the release of this new concept trailer by Tencent, fans are more excited than ever for more info about the game.

There has been no information from Tencent about the game or its release date. Fans eagerly wait for Tencent to release more details about this popular title.

What are your thoughts about the first concept trailer of Assault Fire’s mobile version, NZ Mobile from Tencent Games? Let us know in the comments below!

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