Omega Strikers global release delayed to April 2023; announces major upcoming features

Omega just got delayed for 2023... again!

The global release of Omega Strikers has just been delayed until April 2023, Omega Strikers is an action-packed air hockey game developed by Odyssey Interactive which was available for the open beta and is now scheduled to launch in April 2023 for PC, iOS, Android, and consoles with full cross-platform support. The reason for the delay as stated by their official handle is the induction of a new affinity system, new maps, and a better mechanism for the game.

The devs promise to introduce new gameplay mechanics and affinity system upon global launch

The game features a PvP action-packed air hockey game that allows teams to have up to 3 players on each side. The roles can be decided amongst teams. You can either play as a goalie, striker, or any, meaning you can roam the entire pitch freely.

The developers however have decided to make things even more interesting and add unique obstacles on each map which would surely increase the difficulty of the game. The devs at Odyssey Interactive have also decided to add a new affinity system amongst the characters of the game which would help you make good chemistry in the game.

Hockey and Football are very team-based sports hence team chemistry is definitely a good addition to the game. A new affinity system would also help you to unlock many character-specific cosmetic items as well.

Omega Strikers delayed global release
Image via Odyssey Interactive

The real reason as per the developers is to polish the in-game mechanics and make sure that the gamers get a fluent gameplay experience. This would also include an upgrade on the visuals and an improved matchmaking system, the developers would also add new victory stances, new team vs team screens, and possibly new characters.

All in all, the game is getting an upgrade hence the developers are pushing it back to 2023, However the game previously has been delayed as well and it will be interesting to see whether this was the last time it was delayed. For the time being, do check out our beginner’s guide for Omega Strikers to better prepare yourself for its global release.

What are your thoughts as Odyssey Interactive has delayed the global release of Omega Strikers to April 2023? Let us know in the comments below!

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