eFootball PES 2020: Datapack 6.0 Update patchnotes

KONAMI has released the PES Datapack 6.0 update on 9th April, 2020 along with patch notes, for both Console and Mobile, following their tease of updates and changes which were to happen after the update. KONAMI brought fresh changes in the gameplay department, with the addition of new face updates, kits and players. So, in this article, we have tried to club all the major news from the PES Datapack 6.0 Update and list out the news and updates that happened. Also, if you want to recall what the previous PES Datapacks 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 introduced, check them out. If you haven’t read our other PES articles on GamingonPhone, give them a read.

New additions in PES Datapack 6.0 Update

1. Player Faces

KONAMI teased the updates of faces in the game of some players namely Neymar, Ronaldo and others in them being under a minute clips via their Twitter and Instagram account. These major changes were expected because players did engage in changes with their hairstyles, especially Neymar, who coloured his hair to pink and along with the faces in the game were not updated even after a long time. But after the PES Datapack 6.0 Update, around 50-60 players have their faces updated in game, make sure to check them out.

However, some players have a computer-generated face now, who previously had their original image. This might be because of the recent transfers that happened (January).

Eriksen after PES Datapack 6.0 Update
Eriksen now has a computer-generated face

List of Players who got their faces updated

C. RonaldoLWF
W. ZahaLWF
L. MartinezDMF
Borja IglesiasCF
J. WeiglDMF
R. BorreCF
E. PalaciosCMF
D. DemmeDMF
N. AmiriCMF
P. GolliniGK
F. CaicedoCF
R. MartiCF
R. GosensLMF
Rafael LeaoCF
H. DialloCF
Pablo MariCB
D. OsvaldoCF
D. MacneilCMF
M. PasalicCMF
Y. En-NeysriCF
W. MontilloAMF
L. PodolskiSS
J. LedleyCMF
A. BastoniCB
M. IttaharenAMF
Joao PedroCF
E. ColakAMF
E. NketiahCF
Riqui PuigCMF
I. HagiAMF
J. DjourouCB
M. KumbullaCB
S. EspositoCF
R. CherkiAMF
T. KouassiCB

2. Manager Portraits

Interestingly, KONAMI has updated the Manager appearances to most of the managers who were licensed and yet didn’t feature a face in the game. With the recent PES Datapack 6.0 update, we can identify most of the managers of licensed teams having images representing them. Quique Setien and Mikel Arteta are some prominent names in the list.

3. Team Kits and Crests

PES Datapack 6.0 update also includes the updates of new kits of their five partner clubs, which they announced in their official Instagram account. These clubs are of different leagues and are licensed in PES 2020. Because of this, newer and better kits are available in the game for use. Adding to this, squads have their emblems updated in the PES Datapack 6.0 Update.

Adding to that, fresh kits of two licensed leagues in PES have been updated. The Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A and the TOYOTA Thai League Clubs are updated with teams of these league having new kits in the game.

New Kits in PES Datapack 6.0 Update

4. New Iconic Moments

PES Datapack 6.0 update has introduced two more Iconic Moment Series Legends, which are to be released accordingly as Special Agents. Ruud Gullit and Franz Beckenbauer will be featured as Iconic Moment Legends in the game. Adding to that, two versions of Ronaldinho, Dennis Bergkamp, Tomas Rosicky and Arjen Robben are being added to the game, which is scheduled to release later on.

R. GullitAMF9296
F. BeckenbauerCB9396
Marco Van BastenCF9399
Ronaldinho G.AMF9499
Ronaldinho G. v2AMF8894
F. RijkaardDMF9296
T. RosickyAMF9095
D. BergkampCF9396
New Iconic Moment Legends and their ratings

5. Other updates


A number of issues were fixed.

An issue where Inspire skills gained by matching an Iconic Moment Series player with his affiliated team do not display in Player Details. This issue was fixed with the update.

There was an issue of progress for some Achievements being tracked in the wrong match types. Standard Matches were also counted erroneously toward the following Achievement:

No. of Matches – Event

This issue was fixed during the update.


There were a number of fixes from KONAMI during the Patch update (1.06.00) and datapack update, mentioned in the official site as follows:


An issue where the stat boost that Iconic Moment Series players receive through the team-matching mechanic was not reflected in the overall Team Strength of squads used in myClub matches. (The ‘team-matching mechanic’ is activated when your Base Team matches the player’s registered team.)

An issue where playing myClub Co-op with more than one user on a team sometimes resulted in multiple copies of the same Legend and Iconic Moment Series players being assigned to the same squad.

An issue where a stat boost was not applied to players from the Iconic Moment Series despite playing them with the correct Base Team. The issue occurred if you enter a vs COM or vs COM Challenge Cup match immediately after opening myClub mode.

A variety of minor adjustments have been made to each mode and match to improve the overall gaming experience.

Is there any information missed out regarding PES Datapack 6.0 Update? Feel free to tell us in the comment section below!

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Still no Tournament in PES 2020 after latest updated. Football game without tournament is BORING . Please make sure to add tournament in this game to make the game more interest.

Sean Paul Singh

Please ask the pes dev to grant us the option to extend the time on tour and campaign matches on mobile up to 15 minutes please I beg of you

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