Playdemic has shut down LEGO Star Wars Battles after two years in beta

Sad news for PvP games lovers!

After two years of staying in the beta phase, LEGO Star Wars Battles has been officially shut down by Playdemic. Players, when entering in the game now, can see a notification that shows the game to have been taken down on July 1st, 2021. Prior to this, the players were also asked to spend all their remaining in-game currency before this strategy game went offline for good.

As soon as you enter the game now you can see a notice which goes like this – “We are sorry to say the Lego Star Wars Battles will be closing. The game will no longer be available for download and officially closed on Thursday, July 1st. As of today, you will no longer be able to make in-game purchases. If you have any currency, remember to use it before the game goes offline on July 1st. We want to thank all of the players who have supported the game and we hope to see you again soon in a galaxy not too far away.”

Why LEGO Star Wars Battles has shut down

The real-time multiplayer PvP during its two-year stint as beta featured battles in arenas inspired by iconic locations from the galaxy. The game had its soft launch back in 2019 and was in beta testing in several countries including Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Sweden, and Malaysia for these two years.

Players had to collect and upgrade LEGO Star Wars characters, troops, and vehicles and craft formidable light and dark side armies. The game also featured LEGO Towers to defend enemy attacks or advance on the battlefield to capture the opponent’s territory. Moreover, the unique abilities of the characters took the in-game experience to another level.

LEGO Star Wars Battles shut down
LEGO Star Wars Battles features

Last month, EA acquired Playdemic and the shutting down of LEGO Star Wars Battles might be a part of their new strategic move to step into something new. Two years is quite a long time for a mobile game to be in beta testing and as the game couldn’t gather much attention, the company behind it is finally taking the game out.

As of now, the developers haven’t made anything clear regarding what will be the future of LEGO Star Wars Battles with the game going down now. As it stands now, the players who love PvP multiplayer games and were looking forward to this title now have to find something new to jump into.

What are your thoughts as LEGO Star Wars Battles is set to shut down on July 30, 2021? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Thanks for getting this news. Loved this game actually, love to collect cards which related with Star Wars.

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