Pokemon Unite: 5 Features to look forward to in the game

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MMOBAs or Mobile Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games, or mobile games in general, are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Riding the bandwagon, the globally-known Pokemon company is also on its way to officially launch its own entry into the popular game genre. The game is still under development, and working into improving the gameplay and visuals meaning changes are still possible. With that being said, the Pokemon Unite beta-test was concluded in Canada earlier this year where the players could experience the gameplay features.

While some fans are ecstatic and interested to see the beloved franchise make a fresh service, some are still a bit timid of the game’s concept quite far away from its roots especially since it’s tailored more into fast, competitive and interactive gameplay.

Regardless of what side you’re on, Pokemon Fans generally are either thrilled or under speculation on what the game has to offer. So, what exactly will Pokemon Unite bring to the table? Well, here’s the 5 upcoming features that we are looking forward to in Pokemon Unite.

Interesting Pokemon Unite features

1. Evolution Feature

If there is one thing that all Pokemon fans love, it’s seeing our very own Pokemon evolve right in front of our own eyes. But fear not, since we are certain that this feature will be present in the game which is in our opinion, a very original and smart move from the developers. In this game, you can see your Charmander evolve from the vicious Charmelion to the brazen Charizard and more.

Evolution Feature

To explain it further, there is a term familiar to MOBA and Pokemon fans alike called experience. In Pokemon Unite, you can experience the original game by defeating other pokemon thanks to these upcoming features. Thrilled enough? Well, we still have more on the way.

2. A large Roster of Pokemons to choose from

Pokemon Unite upcoming features
Pokemon Unite upcoming features: 5v5

Another thing we love about Pokemon is the diversity element of the game. There are hundreds and thousands of Pokemons currently in the game from Generation 1 to 8. However, since it is very unlikely and difficult to put them all into the MOBA version of the game, we are to expect at least 20 pokemons to choose from. In the last beta-test, the Pokemons you can play along with their roles are:

  • Venasaur (Bulbasaur and Ivysaur) – Attacker
  • Blastoise (Squirtle and Wartortle) – Defender
  • Alolan Ninetales (Alolan Vulpix) – Attacker
  • Machamp (Machop and Machoke) – All-rounder
  • Slowbro (Slowpoke) – Defender
  • Mr. Mine – Supporter
  • Snorlax – Defender
  • Gardevoir (Ralts and Kirlia) – Attacker
  • Garchomp (Gible and Gabite) – All-rounder
  • Lucario – All-rounder
  • Crustle (Dwibble) – Defender
  • Greninja (Froakie and Frogadier) – Attacker
  • Cramorant – Attacker
  • Absol – Speedster
  • Charizard (Charmander and Charmeleon) –All-rounder
  • Pikachu – Attacker
  • Gengar (Ghastly and Haunter) –Speedster
  • Talonflame (Fletchling and Fletchinder) – Speedster
  • Cinderace (Scorbunny and Raboot) – Attacker
  • Eldegoss (Gossifleur) – Supporter

Each Pokemon has their own role. An example would be a supporter, you’re not as strong when you’re by yourself but is best when teammates are around by empowering them. Moreover, every playable Pokemon has their own set of moves which are all designed to function differently from damaging foes, to knocking up the pesky high-damaging enemies, to empowering your allies and other interesting traits for you to discover. That’s all about the Pokemon Unite’s roster for now, but realistically, building a roster for MOBAs generally takes time. The roster is slowly-evolving (pun intended), so in case your favorite Pokemon is not in the roster yet, don’t be sad. In fact, maybe you’ll find a new favorite Pokemon in Pokemon Unite.

3. Subtle and Smooth Graphics

Compared to its competitions, Pokemon Unite’s graphics are apparently different. Unlike the crisp and highly detailed graphics of generic MOBA games, Pokemon Unite features a more subtle and smoother graphics, distinguishably similar to the original game. Furthermore, as the video shows, the game features cool, explosive and appealing animations as well. The visuals of the game serve a more relaxing and casual take on it, with just cute trees, water and terrain on the background compared to the generic MOBAs with the intense dragons and mountains on the background.

4. Customization Options

Pokemon Unite upcoming features
Customization looks even better

As Pokemon fans, we are well-familiar with the game’s highly interactive customization– including accessories and designs to make our Pokemons, and of course, ourselves expressive and more appealing to the eye. A good news is, the feature is available on Pokemon Unite as well. Looking forward to making your Pikachu look more swaggy or cuter? Don’t worry, it’s in the game.

To explain this further, there is a MOBA term called “skins”. In Pokemon Unite, the skins are labeled as “Holowear” which can be used to make your Pokemon look more appealing though compared to other MOBAs, the “skins” in Pokemon Unite does not change the texture of the ability of the Pokemons but just change their appearance. Moreover, you can also dress yourself up in Pokemon Unite to suit your style. From streetwear, to sportswear, to a more formal attire, you name it.

5. Fun, Quick and Competitive Gameplay

Pokemon Unite upcoming features: Gameplay

Last but not the least, the gameplay. We Pokemon fans are gamers, and as gamers, we want the best, most intensive and most fun gameplay. The thing is, mobile MOBAs are everywhere. From highly popular games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and League of Legends: Wild Rift to less popular ones like Arena of Valor and Marvel Super War. The gameplay concept and gameplay are not entirely new to the mobile gaming community, and the said games offer their own version and style. Interestingly enough, Pokemon Unite offers a slightly different take into their gameplay.

As a general characteristic of any MOBA game, Pokemon Unite can be easily labelled as fun, competitive, interactive and fun. However, compared to other MOBAs where the main objective is usually destroying the opposing teams base in order to win, Pokemon Unite is different.

To simply explain it, the main objective in Pokemon Unite is to score more goal from the opposing team. Though the essence of MOBA, where players are able to express their skills and teamwork, and features like bosses in the game, Roshan (from Defense of the Ancient) and Baron Nashor (from League of Legends) for example, are still there. Whereas in Pokemon Unite, one of the bosses is Zapdos. Cool right?

Final Thoughts

That’s all for this article, we hope you enjoyed it. Pokemon Unite is a treat for us Pokemon fans and MOBA fans alike. To simply say it, Pokemon Unite offers simpler and lighter gameplay compared to other MOBAs, based on our experience. We can assure that games in Pokemon Unite are less toxic and more enjoyable, but still as competitive. This definitely will improve with the coming updates. So, if you’re looking for these qualities, make sure to check the game out. Also, we have articles regarding Pokemon Unite in case you’re interested.

Are you excited about the upcoming feature in Pokemon Unite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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