Pokémon Unite announces new Ranked Season 8 and Battle Pass Season 12

New Seasons bring new rewards!

As soon as the countdown for the arrival of Urshifu began, the Pokémon Unite MOBA via Twitter and in-game notification has come up with the news about its current Ranked Season and Battle Pass Season. The currently running Rank Season 7 and Battle Pass Season 11 weren’t short of rewards, or new Pokemon. However, after lasting for its usual span, now the game has officially announced the end of both the Ranked and Battle Pass seasons. Let’s take a quick peek into the probable rewards from the upcoming Pokémon Unite Battle Pass season 12 and Ranked season 8 according to several sources and as per the official trailer.  

Pokémon Unite Ranked Season 8 Rewards 

Each Ranked season comes with several rewards, which are especially obtainable from the Ultra Rank. The upcoming Ranked season too would come with such rewards. However, to many players’ dismay, there wouldn’t be any holloware or costumes as rewards.

Pokemon Unite Ranked Season 8 Rewards
Image via The Pokémon Company

It isn’t a surprise that Pokemon holowears are a much-anticipated reward from the Ranked season, especially for the ones who do no Aeos Gems purchase. As you can see, the rewards from the upcoming Ranked Season 08, are an exclusive sticker, frame, and background to decorate your player card.     

Pokémon Unite Battle Pass Season 12 Rewards

The previous Battle Pass season saw Delphox get the Sacred Style attire while Trevenant got the Ranger Style attire. This time out, it would be Gardevoir and Gengar who get their new exclusive costumes. Being in the month of December, it is normal that the theme of the costumes would be based on winter and hence, Christmas.

As of now, there are no updates about any Christmas events in Quick or Standard Battles. The Battle Pass Rewards would also include Background Stickers, Photo Backgrounds, and Trainer costumes among several other miscellaneous items, as visible in the leaked trailer.  

Final Thoughts

Now with a new Pokémon Unite Battle Pass Season 12 and Ranked season 8 coming, the arrival of Urhifu, Dragapult, and Comfey are only time’s wait. Rest assured that we would update you about any Christmas Events coming to the game. 

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