Pokémon Unite July 2022 datamine leaks reveal upcoming new Pokèmon, game modes, and more

Leaks reveal exciting upcoming in-game content!

Datamine leaks from the trusted Pokémon Unite data miner ‘ElChicoEelvee’ hàs revealed lots of updates and releases coming in the nearest weeks. The Pokèmon Unite leaks reveal new updates including New Pokémon Character licenses and the release of their new outfits. It also shows the release of upcoming outfits for some existing Pokémon characters. Other leaks contain an update on a new game mode called Pika Party where players use only Pikachu to play. So without much further ado, let’s check out more updates on the latest July 2022 datamine leaks to be coming on Pokémon Unite.

Licenses Cost and Release date of upcoming new Pokémon

According to the datamine leaks, new Pokèmon characters, Buzzwole and Tyranitar are going to be released on August 8 and August 16 respectively. The new Pokémon Unite Character licenses also come along with the release of new outfits for them alongside price discounts. Hence, players should anticipate the release of some of these Pokémon characters by August.

Outfits, Clothing, and other upcoming Shop additions

In the Clothing shop, datamine leaks have revealed the release dates for a Glaceon Outfit set as well as for a clothing item, a Black Punk Hat that can be equipped as part of the outfit worm by our Pokémon Trainer.

Another datamine leak has also revealed the looks as well as the release dates of Trainer Outfit sets for upcoming new Pokémon Unite Characters, Buzzwole, and Tyranitar.

Datamine leaks have also revealed the looks and release date of this season’s ranked reward to be the Tuxedo Style Decidueye outfit. It also shows that Tuxedo style Alolan Ninetales will be the new outfit for August Subscription. This datamine leak also introduces other outfits like Noble style Aegislash and Tuxedo Style Cinderace to be some of the new outfits to be added to the shop in August.

Datamine leaks have also shown the looks and release date of the upcoming Orange, Purple Unite Style Outfit for Duraludon. This outfit also comes along with the Unite License of Duraludon making it much cheaper to acquire the outfits and the Unite Licenses combined.

Datamine leaks have also revealed that some already existing special skins are coming back to the shop, along with discounted prices as long as the event is active. The skins include Holiday style Pikachu and Cake style Crustle amongst others.

Lastly, Datamine leaks have shown that new Pokémon characters-themed Faced Backpacks are coming to the Unite shop. Tyranitar and Espeon are going to be lucky Pokémon getting these upcoming Backpack outfits, while Delphox is going to be getting a Faced Hat outfit. These new releases are also coming at discounted prices whist the event lasts.

Introduction of a new game mode and account Deletion system

New Game Mode: Pika Party

A new upcoming game mode titled Pika Party is coming to Pokémon Unite, though not much is known for now about the new game mode some Datamine leaks released by the trusted data miner ‘ElChicoEevee’ has shown that in this game mode all players are going to use Pikachu as the only Pokémon character in this game mode. It also features a new and exciting wild Pikachu-type Pokémon that would grant various peeks on capturing them. Other features to be noted in this upcoming game mode are that:

  • Defeating Shocking Pikachu will cause your basic attacks to drop thunderbolts. Opposing Pokémon hit by the thunderbolts will have their movement speed and attack speed decreased for a short time. 
  • Defeating Surfing Pikachu will increase your movement speed and make you resistant to hindrances for a set amount of time. 
  • Defeating Gigantamax Pikachu will give all ally Pokémon Aeos energy and leave all your opponents’ goal zones defenseless. 
  • Defeating Steely Pikachu will grant you a shield that nullifies a portion of the damage you receive. The shielding effect triggers periodically, whenever a set amount of time passes. 

Account Deletion System

Datamine leaks have shown that players can now delete their game accounts, it also includes more information about the steps in the deletion of game accounts. This new system also shows that any deleted game account can not be restored and recovered as well as any subscriptions or items getting into the account.

Other info added to this system is some sets of the questionnaire made to let the developers know and understand the reasons why a player might want to delete the game account. These amongst others are some of the features displayed by this Account Delete System that has now been introduced to Pokémon Unite.

Final Thoughts

The July 2022 Datamine leaks that have been released are exciting and intriguing as the latest releases such as Character licenses and outfits sure will make Pokémon Unite much more interesting to play for players. Players should then have more fun playing the game before the release of the upcoming in-game features.

What are your thoughts on the July 2022 datamine leaks of Pokémon Unite Character Licenses, Outfits, New Game Mode, and more? Let us know in the comment section below!

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