Princess Farmer is a Match 3 visual novel game to release on Android and iOS in 2023

Princess Farmer, a match-3 visual novel game from Whitethorn Games, will release on iOS and Android in early 2023, as officially announced. The publisher, well-known for indie fan favorites including APICO, Onsen Master, and Lake, has partnered up with developer Samobee Games to lead players on a healthy journey as Mother Gaia works her magic.

In the match-3 puzzle and visual novel game Princess Farmer, you can choose from a variety of playstyles that will either make the game easier for you or more difficult for you. You receive benefits from each of the three playstyles! Similar to the magical-girl anime, the tale is told in episodes, with each one lasting anything from 20 to an hour, depending on your chosen playstyle, your abilities, and whether you choose to skip speech encounters.

The various level objectives keep you on your toes and inject new life into the match-3 genre. You can customize Princess Farmer’s interactions with her pals through dialogue options, which can impact your relationships with them. If you become their BFF, they might give you presents in return!

Take on challenges with the all-new Quest system coming in Princess Farmer

Players will get additional content in the updated Princess Farmer that will only be available on mobile devices. For instance, the brand-new Quest system allows users to test their abilities in three randomly generated daily tasks for the chance to win stars or heart coins.

In addition, new hair dyes, clothes, and sparkles are waiting for everyone in Ro’s shop. Stars are a mobile-only currency that players may earn by completing twelve daily chores.

Princess Farmer release
Image via Whitethorn Games

To help players enjoy a stress-free and unwinding experience, the match-3 puzzle/visual novel game also has utterly cool lo-fi tunes, featuring the musical prowess of Chloe Hotline, The Crystal Furs, and Anne Beyond the Darkness. If you’re keen on experiencing the game yourself, you can soon download Princess Farmer on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store for Android devices in early 2023.

Are you excited about the release of Princess Farmer on Android and iOS devices in 2023? Let us know in the comment section below!

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