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PUBG Mobile beta showcases new Triathlon mode for Asian Games 2022

Gear up for the new Triathlon mode!

In its latest beta version gameplay, PUBG Mobile has officially revealed the new Triathlon mode, which is set to be the formal mode of competition in the Asian Games 2022 held in China.

PUBG Mobile Triathlon mode: Rules and details

This mode will feature up to 16 players in the lobby divided into 4 teams with 4 players each. It will feature several stages that players need to complete before the course is finished and teams are ranked. For the first part, the mode will feature an obstacle course with varying difficulty levels in every step. It will utilize game mechanics such as ledge grabbing, vaulting, and jumping.

Players who somehow fall from the course will respawn back at their last checkpoint. After each obstacle, players will come face to face with a target shooting drill by completing which they’ll advance to the next obstacle.

PUBG Mobile Triathlon Mode
Obstacle course (YouTube: LuckyMan)

After overcoming the obstacle course, players will find themselves before some vehicles on a racecourse. Each player will be able to board a vehicle and will need to drive the vehicle for the remainder of the round to complete the triathlon course.

PUBG Mobile Triathlon Mode
Racecourse(YouTube: LuckyMan)

Final Thoughts

For starters, PUBG Mobile still hasn’t announced the launch date of this new mode yet. And although the claims that the Asian Games will feature a Triathlon, it hasn’t been posted officially yet. It will certainly be that way, which is a letdown for all the fans because the game’s name suggests a traditional battle royale format with players fighting it out to emerge as the last surviving squad on the map.

Thus, even though the Triathlon mode is not what was desired, it will still be a fresh idea that can be developed further if it receives positive feedback. For now, we can only wait for the mode to come in the game so that we can experience it first-hand.

What are your thoughts about the new Triathlon Mode in PUBG Mobile to be featured in Asian Games 2022? Let us know in the comments below.

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