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PUBG Mobile Emergency Pickup mechanism explained

Get ready for new Emergency Pickup mechanism!

The developers of PUBG Mobile or BGMI have announced the arrival of a new mechanism – Emergency Pickup in the game in one of its upcoming May 2022 updates. Being a completely new mechanism in the game, here is everything you need to know about this and its effect on the overall gameplay.

PUBG Mobile Emergency Pickup: Basic Overview

The new feature will be available in the game (in both PUBG Mobile and BGMI) as an item available on the map as ground loot. Although the spawn rate is undisclosed, it is safe to assume that it will be pretty rare, on par with the types of 8x scope, sniper suppressor, etc.

PUBG Mobile emergency Pickup
Image via KRAFTON

Players will be able to keep the item in their inventory for later use when required. The item will become available for use when the player is sufficiently far from the zone. It will involve a short setup time which will release a hot air balloon that will act as a beacon to summon an airplane towards the player and their team.

Emergency Pickup
Image via KRAFTON

Once summoned the player can tap the plane which will appear to move along a randomly generated flight path which can pick up the player and their team and drop them in the center of the zone from where they can parachute to their preferred location. Players have to also note that while traveling via air, they will still be susceptible to damage from the blue zone.

How will Emergency Pickup affect the gameplay

This feature brings several new tactical and strategic elements to the game owing to its uniqueness. Squads equipped with the item can risk longer fights outside of the safe zone or brave the blue zone damage due to their knowledge that they can be picked up by the Emergency Pickup anytime they want to. It can also be a blessing for teams stuck out of the zone and being gatekept by other players as they can use the feature to easily rotate into the safe zone and resume their fight thereafter.

PUBG Mobile  emergency
Image via KRAFTON

Although the item seemingly has no prominent weakness, it will only be apparent if thereafter it arrives in the game. Also, it is highly unlikely that the Emergency Pickup mechanic will get added to the esports tournaments owing to the huge advantage it gives to a team. 


What seems like a new and fun mechanism in the game (both PUBG Mobile and BGMI), the Emergency Pickup is one thing that all players can surely look forward to arriving in the game. Till then we can only speculate about it and can only conclude using it in the game ourselves.

Are you excited about the brand-new Emergency Pickup in PUBG Mobile? Let us know in the comments section below.

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