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PUBG Mobile or BGMI to revamp the KDA system soon

The success of the team depends on the group effort of everyone!

Dev Talk is a social event through which developers of PUBG Mobile or BGMI often reach out to the players to share information about any new features which are going to be added in the future or any further updates. They also answer the common questions asked by the players and put forward their solutions to them. In Dev Talk 3, the developers have answered the plea of adding teamwork and assistance to the KDA system calculations in PUBG Mobile or BGMI.

Assists will be as important as direct kills in PUBG Mobile

On being asked to do something to include assists and teamwork in Classic Mode to be included in KDA calculations, the developers replied by agreeing to the fact that all assists are valuable. They further said that they are currently considering ways to give more credits to the assists in the results.

Although they have stated that the changes may not necessarily be reflected in the KDA. However, their solution to the problem would certainly enhance the gaming experience of the players. This is a great step if it’s successfully implemented by the developers because players don’t like to get assists as they are not rewarded for it in their KDA calculations and the teammates fight amongst themselves to get the most kills. This results in unruly behavior among the teammate and sometimes also leads to friendly fire.

PUBG Mobile KDA System
PUBG Mobile KDA system revamp after Dev Talk 3 (Image via Krafton)

With this revamp, players will finally get to make their bonds stronger with their teammates. They also won’t feel the need to fight among themselves to get points in their KDA calculations. Everyone would be rewarded accordingly for their contributions such as teamwork or assists and not just for direct kills.

What are your thoughts about the KDA System revamp in PUBG Mobile or BGMI with the conclusion of Dev Talk 3? Let us know in the comments section below.

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