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PUBG Mobile Season 19 RP leaks: Tier rewards, Royale Pass and more

New tier and Royale Pass rewards for the new season!

PUBG Mobile‘s Season 18 Hundred Rhythms, which was kicked off on 17th March, is now in its final week. It is setting the stage for the all-new Season 19 of PUBG Mobile. It is set to begin sometime around 17th May tentatively. Coming under the name of “TRAVERSE”, PUBG Mobile Season 19 will now have a bug-based theme, which will be showcased on multiple outfits and skins in the game. As always, there will be new tier-based rewards and regular Free Royale Pass rewards for every player. In this article, we will be looking at the various leaks of different tier, Royale Pass rewards as a part of PUBG Mobile Season 19.

PUBG Mobile Season 19: TRAVERSE

The new season is going to follow a bug-based theme with multiple outfits and skins based on rainforest bugs and insects. Players will now have access to Tier Rewards when they reach the specific tiers in-game. Regular Free Royale Pass rewards and the paid Royale Pass will guarantee extensive rewards such as skins, outfits, and emotes.

Players who have been RP holders for the past 3 seasons will get access to the EZ Pass. This specific pass will give the players a headstart to complete the Weekly Season Missions. This comes in addition to the boosted RP point gain which they will be provided.

Tier Rewards

Every season has its own unique rewards for different tiers, you might have seen all the rewards in Season 18. The rewards start from the Gold Tier to Conqueror. Let’s see what the Royale Pass Season 19 features. 

  • Bronze Tier: 200 Silver
  • Silver Tier: 400 Silver
  • Gold Tier: Season 19 Outfit + 600 Silver
PUBG Mobile Season 19 Leaks
PUBG Mobile Season 19 Outfit
  • Platinum Tier: Season 19 Mask + 800 Silver
PUBG Mobile Season 19 Leaks
PUBG Mobile Season 19 Mask
  • Diamond Tier: Season 19 M249 skin + 1000 Silver
PUBG Mobile Season 19 Leaks
PUBG Mobile Season 19 M249 Skin
  • Crown Tier: Tier Protection Card ×3 + 1300 Silver + Season 19 Crown Name Tag
  • Ace Tier: S19 Parachute + 1600 Silver + S19 Ace Name Tag + S19 Ace Title
PUBG Mobile Season 19 Leaks
PUBG Mobile Season 19 Parachute
  • Conqueror Tier: S19 Conqueror Frame + 2000 Sliver + S19 Conqueror Name Tag + S19 Conqueror Title
PUBG Mobile Season 19 Leaks
PUBG Mobile Season 19 Conqueror Frame

Royale Pass Rewards (Skins, Outfits and Emotes)

Insect Queen Mini14

Insect Queen Mini14

Garden Observer Set

PUBG Mobile Season 19 Leaks
Garden Observer Set

Brand-new Emotes: General Beetle Emote and Flex Muscles Emote

There will be brand-new emotes available which are like the General Beetle Emote(Mythic). Additionally, the Flex Muscles Emote will be available via the Free Pass (Legendary).

Scarab Totem Parachute

Scarab Totem Parachute

Ancient Vine Finish

Ancient Vine Finish Skin

Alien UMP45

The skin of Alien UMP45 will be available via the Free Pass.

Brand-new Alien UMP45 Skin will be available in the Free Pass

Wonderland AKM

Wonderland AKM

General Beetle Set (MAX RP)

General Beetle Set will be available as Max RP

PUBG Mobile Season 19 release date

Although there are no official dates yet, the season 19 of PUBG Mobile is expected to arrive on May 17, 2021.

What are your thoughts on the PUBG Mobile Season 19 Leaks? Let us know in the comments below.

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