Rec Room announces collaboration with NBA to bring branded content to its Virtual Platform

Great content in store for players!

Rec Room, the leading virtual world, games, and user-generated content platform, and the National Basketball Association (NBA) have announced a collaboration to bring basketball fans an exciting way to play and celebrate their love for the sport through an NBA Experience, just in time for the 2022 NBA Playoffs presented by Google Pixel.

NBA fans can gather in the NBA Experience in the Rec Center’s lobby during the 2022 NBA postseason to play hoops, show off their finest trick shots, and more. Additionally, fans will be able to purchase t-shirts from all 30 NBA teams, as well as an NBA basketball and other NBA accessories to dress their avatars.

More than 60 million individuals around the world have used Rec Room to create, share, and enjoy games and other digital experiences. Rec Room also provides users with a no-code, incredibly simple way to create games, rooms, and other content, as well as the ability to share their creations instantly across all platforms. Players can also bring their friends along to share the experience and build communities based on their common interests.

The Rec Room NBA collaboration introduces new outfits and accessories

The NBA Experience will be introduced as part of the collaboration and will be available during the NBA postseason in 2022. You can meet up with other basketball aficionados in this particular location to simply play some baskets or attempt trick shots if you feel like showing off that day.

The NBA Experience will, unsurprisingly, offer new clothing and accessories to the game. Players will be able to buy t-shirts from all 30 NBA clubs, as well as other accessories for their avatars. So whether you’re a die-hard Lakers fan, a die-hard Milwaukee Bucks fan, or just a fan of basketball in general, there’s bound to be something fresh to pique your interest.

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