Reigns: Three Kingdoms, a new game based on a historical epic is now available on Netflix Games

Play the Romance of the Three Kingdoms as a mobile game on Netflix!

Reigns: Three Kingdoms, a new game from renowned developer Nerial and mobile device makers Devolver Digital, is now available on Netflix. Reigns: Three Kingdoms, the fifth installment in the multi-million download, an award-winning game, inspired by the ancient historical epic The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, plunges players into the turbulent latter years of the Han empire.

By developing a distinctive warfare system that adds a new depth to the game’s central idea, Reigns: Three Kingdoms builds on the ideas explored in the previous Reigns games. Players will engage in negotiations with rivals, fortify alliances, win over foes, and enlist men to fight. They will explore the numerous factions, wars, and heroes of the epic tale.

Begin as a beggar and climb the social ladder to rule one of the 14 regions of China

Players will start as lowly beggars and work their way up the social scale until they are in charge of one of China’s 14 regions just as the Emperor’s absolute control begins to crumble. A surprising metaphysical twist places the player in a race against time to comprehend the effects their choices will have on history. It’ll also give them the task of bringing the warring factions together.

The key features of Reigns: Three Kingdoms include:

  • Over 100 characters and more than 1500 different card combinations are encountered in this original narrative journey.
  • An expansion of Reigns’ central idea centered on a brand-new battle system that can be used both online and offline for asynchronous PvP.
  • Numerous quests with clear storylines, heroes, and characters to find, marry and raise.

Reigns: Three Kingdoms is now available exclusively for Netflix subscribers on both Android and iOS.

Are you excited as Reigns: Three Kingdoms is now available on Netflix Games? Let us know in the comment section below!

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