Respawnable Heroes: Battle Pass Season 3 is bringing a new hero and Halloween themed items

New Hero Skins and Halloween themed items!

Digital Legends Entertainment, a premier mobile developer acclaimed for their track record of high-quality games has introduced a new Hero GL1TCH to its genre-defining team-based action game Respawnables Heroes, waiting to be unlocked in the game’s third season of Battle Pass. With the arrival of this new hero in season 3, Respawnable Heroes now boast a wide array of characters and heroes in their roster.

About new hero GL1TCH

GL1TCH, a new brazen, agile, and confident Hero joins the offensive set with a mid-range device over his wrist, called the Energy Launcher, able to generate a holographic-solid hybrid plasma by using only his brain waves. This ability is a perfect skill to aim from behind the stamina Heroes of the team, and to defeat or damage targets in mid-distance combat. His Energy Launcher has been engineered perfectly to accelerate the plasma to a point where it can travel at the subatomic level. In other words, his energy ray can go through walls.

Respawnable Heroes Season 3 Glitch

According to Adrià Belles, Product Owner for Respawnables Heroes; “GL1TH is who the team needs to finish off those enemies that hide around the corners. ” She further adds,

“His ability to attack through the walls will bring new dynamics to the gameplay and unexpectedness during the encounters, as once damaged, most of the opponents wait for its team to come over and help them out, whether with stamina or healing. GL1TCH will be a key member to defy the opponent’s strategy.”

Adrià Belles, Product Owner for Respawnables Heroes

GL1TCH can also invert the Launcher’s energy to form a huge ball with an ultra-high gravity core, and when launched, all the enemies caught in its area of effect will get rooted for a while. His ability to root the opponents is the perfect supporting feature to the team’s strategy, because whilst rooted, the other members of the team can attack and weaken the enemies and get a competitive advantage on the score.

Respawanable Heroes Season 3 Battle Pass

In their journey through the Battle Pass, players can expect a variety of brand-new skins of different rarities, with an uncommon one ready for the taking at the very start on level 1. And to celebrate Halloween, Battle Pass will also include themed items, such as a legendary magic-kit for Ayana and
a witch-skin for Shannon. Moreover, it adds new and exclusive equipment for the heroes, including an uncommon katana for Tetsu, a rare crossbow for Alpha, and epic equipment for Specter.

The incorporation of GL1TCH results in four offensive Heroes, joining Specter, Liu, and Alpha; and a total of nine Heroes in the game, including three stamina – Helena, Brock, and Tetsu and two tactical –Ayana and Shannon. The strategy based on the distinctive heroes’ skills, will determine the success in the game. So what are you waiting for? Grab this season’s battle pass and prepare to suit up with Gl1tch from Respawnable Heroes Season 3

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