Riot Forge announces Hextech Mayhem, a new rhythm runner based on League of Legends IP

Zigzag, blast and grove your way through the neighbourhood of Piltover

Riot Forge, a part of the Riot Games – the publisher of League of Legends, announced its new rhythm runner game titled “Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story”. The game is developed by Choice Provisions, the developers of the BIT.TRIP video game series. 

According to the official Twitter handle of Hextech Mayhem, the game will be available to download on Nintendo Switch and PC on November 16 and will also be soon available on Netflix for mobile users with Netflix subscriptions. There will be no independent mobile release of the game for now. However, the pre-registration for the game has already started on Steam and Switch. Along with the announcement of the game launch, a trailer was also released. 

Gameplay Overview

Hextech Mayhem is a fast-paced rhythm runner action game. There are bombs, obstacles, enemies, and players have to cause musical chaos in the game. The more the chaos, the more is the achievement. The gameplay of Hextech Mayhem is similar to other rhythm runner games like Geometry Dash and BIT.TRIP.

Players have to bounce over the obstacles in a musical rhythm and evade the enemies by bombing them to the beat of the music. With the freestyle Mayhem system, players can even create their own chaos get extra points. You can meet the classical champions of the League of Legends like Ziggs and Heimerdinger to play in the magical city of Piltover.

For more updates on the game, players can follow the official website of Riot Forge, and their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram social pages.

Are you excited to try out Hextech Mayhem, Riot’s recently announced title? Let us know in the comments below.

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