Rogue Company Mobile reveals its first gameplay, looks quite action-packed and fun

This game might be worth the hype after all!

Rogue Company Mobile, the official mobile version of the multiplayer shooter, conducted a technical test for iOS devices back in March. But due to extremely severe restrictions on recording and publishing in-game footage online, players weren’t able to get a sneak peek of anything about how the game played. However, some leaked footage has surfaced, revealing the gameplay and how Rogue Company Mobile currently appears, and it looks quite action-packed and fun.

Although the video is short and rather low quality, it still shows how the game actually looks pretty good visually. Overall, it seems like Rogue Company Mobile might be worth the hype after all.

The gameplay looks like a true adaptation of the console version

The first footage we’ve seen is from a level named Palace, where a game of Strikeout (a 4v4 hybrid of team deathmatch and king of the hill) is being played. The Rogue in question is Dina, who can be seen utilizing his hallmark ability, the MIRV Launcher, a three-round grenade launcher, before switching to the Sahara, an Assault Rifle (fired in the over-the-shoulder third-person perspective that Rogue Company is known for), and a P12K Pistol as a backup. Also, as we can see, Dina fires a grenade at a fleeing opponent near the end of the clip.

Rogue Company Mobile gameplay
Image via Hi-Rez Studios

This indicates that the game will most likely include all of the features seen in the PC and console versions but in a mobile-optimized version. There are also buttons for the Rogue’s Ability and switching the side that the weapon is shouldered at, in addition to the regular movement, fire, and reload controls. Visually, the game is quite impressive. Overall, it appears that Rogue Company Mobile is deserving of its hype.

What are your takeaways on this first glimpse of Rogue Company Mobile gameplay footage? Let us know in the comment section below!

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