Rovio to globally re-release the original Angry Birds on March 31

Experience the game the world fell in love with once again!

The release of the classic Angry Birds game remake has been officially confirmed and according to the Rovio Community Manager, the game should release on the 31st March as long as there are no hitches.

Angry Birds will make a comeback as a premium title 

This game will be a paid title, just like the classic from 2012, but it guarantees the same amount of fun without in-app purchases or ads. It’s also been revealed that the game will be priced at $0.99 (equivalent in your local currency), a small price to pay for the amount of nostalgia this game will bring back for many of its players. Also, this will include Mighty Eagle, the overpowered bird that could quickly clear whole levels on its own and was a paid character in the original. 

Rovio bring back Angry Birds, Rovio sued over child privacy violation
Image via Rovio

Many mobile gamers who were into casual titles a decade ago would remember just how popular and fun the first Angry Birds game and the titles that followed it were. However, at some point, Rovio changed their business model, going for many micro-transactions and ads to profit from their games, a move that resulted in them losing a lot of players who loved their titles in the start.

However, now it’s Rovio’s chance to make a comeback with a game that delivers where its newer ones failed. This game and other remakes that follow are being rebuilt as the engines they were originally built on are no longer functional, and that’s why they’ve taken a while to be announced and released.

What are your thoughts on Angry Birds remake set to release in March? Do let us know in the comments below.

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