ScourgeBringer is a rogue-like platformer, set to release on mobile in September 2022

Pre-order now on iOS and Android devices!

The frantic mobile platformer ScourgeBringer, developed by Flying Oak Games and published by Dear Villagers’ publishing partner PID Games (Paper Beast, Ghost of a Tale, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure), will release on iOS and Android devices in September 2022.

Fight through ancient machines and ever-changing dungeons in ScourgeBringer

Play as Kyhra in ScourgeBringer and explore the unknown, battling through ancient machinery and dynamic dungeons in an effort to learn the secrets of an eldritch monolith that poses a threat to the globe. Slash and fire through confrontations while carrying a trusty combat drone, and explore the endless depths of a morphing dungeon to learn the secrets of earlier explorers’ journeys.

In order to produce an original roguelike platformer, ScourgeBringer mixes the rawness of early Metroidvania with agile shooting and melee gameplay, bright pixel graphics, and snappy music.

ScourgeBringer release (Image via Plug in Digital)

We were very proud of bringing ScourgeBringer to PC and consoles, and now an even wider audience will have a chance to play it,” said Thomas Altenburger, Game Director at Flying Oak Games. “Plus ScourgeBringer‘s fast, frenetic is perfect for quick bursts of fun on the go!

Walk in the footsteps of Kyhra and explore the post-apocalyptic world

ScourgeBringer places players in the role of Kyhra, the deadliest warrior of her clan, in a post-apocalyptic world where a strange creature inflicted havoc on all of humanity. Assist her in navigating the unknown and hacking her way past antiquated equipment protecting the seal of her history and perhaps the restoration of humanity.

In a hidden woodland in the North East of France, this duo of game creators crafts incredible gaming experiences out of wood and pixels. Known for producing games like NeuroVoider, Dead End, and Hoy as well as assisting numerous other studios with the development and console porting of their titles. On Google Play and the App Store, pre-registrations for ScourgeBringer are currently accepted prior to the release.

Are you excited as ScourgeBringer, a rogue-like mobile title is set to release on Android and iOS in September 2022? Let us know in the comments below!

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