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Seven Knights 2 brings a new hero, special events and more in its first April 2023 update

Exciting new in-game content is here!

The mobile role-playing game Seven Knights 2 has received its first April 2023 update by Netmarble, a well-known developer and publisher of top-notch mobile games. All players may now take advantage of fresh experiences and content, including a new Legendary+ Hero, outfits, and several limited-time events.

Seven Knights 2 introduces Roar of Tarragon Iota, a new legendary hero and new costume

Players may now purchase Roar of Tarragon Iota (Legendary+ Hero). She is a universal type/melee character who restores allies’ health, boosts recovery rate when fighting. She also gives allies an increase in attack speed while doing powerful damage to adversaries. Iota now has a brand-new outfit for the Water Festival.

Players can celebrate new game updates of this month with several limited-time events, including:

  • Water Festival Special Check-in Event (April 12 – 26): During the event, players who check in for seven days will earn a variety of gifts. This includes Rubies, Water Festival Coins, and more.
  • Water Festival Special Shoot & Loot Event (April 12 – 26): Cosette will reward players for using water cannons by giving them rubies, pet fragment chest+, mythic upgrade stones, and more.
  • Together with Shay! Water Festival Special Crafting Event (April 12 – May 10): To earn Water Festival Coins throughout the event, complete a variety of in-game tasks and activities. Players can utilize it to get items such as Pet Fragment Chests, Mythic Enhancement Stones, and Iota’s Water Festival attire.
  • Roar of Tarragon Iota Upgrade Support Event (April 12 – 26): Depending on the level reached via Iota, more rewards will be given. From level 36 to level 58, players will obtain rewards every two levels. Iota Soulstone, Water Festival Coins, Mythic Elixirs, Universal Soulstone Shards, and more rewards are available.

Officially following Seven Knights, Seven Knights 2 has gorgeous open world gameplay and is set 20 years after the first game. After a series of incidents involving a mysterious girl named Phiné, the Daybreak Mercenaries set out on a quest to find “Rudy,” the final member of the Seven Knights. Players will get fully immersed in this epic game story with its distinctive characters and formidable bosses.

Are you excited about the first April 2023 update in Seven Knights 2? Let us know in the comment section below!

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