Soccer Manager 2021 is now up for Pre-Registration on Android

Soccer Manager is a simulation-based football game series produced by Soccer Manager LTD. This series puts you into the shoes of a football team manager. The previous installment SM 20, was quite a success, we now eagerly wait for the new version around the 20/21 season. The current installment Soccer Manager 2021, is up for pre-registration on Android.

About the Series

This series focuses on creating a realistic managerial experience on mobile, similar to that of the Football Manager series on PC.

You will be able to do many things any real football coach would have to handle. This includes squad management, transfer business and tactics. The 3D match broadcast feature allows you to visually watch your team performing, this is something many football manager games on mobile lack. The tactics also define your team performance, much like in Football Manager PC Edition.

Soccer Manager 2021 Pre-registration

Some would say that this series consists of the best football manager experiences available on mobile. The expectations for SM21 are already pretty high.

Soccer Manager 2021 gameplay

The game trailer is released which you can view below. There are a lot of appealing changes such as the dynamic formations and the redefined UI.

The gameplay concept should be very similar to that of the previous Soccer Manager games, but with a bunch of extra features. Soccer Manager LTD offers a newsletter which you can sign up for, you will get regular updates from this via E-Mail. Also, subscribers may also get access to upcoming betas, the SM21 beta has been announced and is expected to release soon.

When will Soccer Manager 2021 release?

The SM 21’s official release is not confirmed yet. We can however, predict the estimated release date. Each of the previous games from the series were released late October – early November. The only difference this year, is that due to recent lockdown events, professional football was delayed, which lead to a late-ending season in many football leagues. A lot of popular football games such as FIFA 21 were also delayed because of this. This might also be the case for SM 21 as well.

The beta will also release soon at around August time. You can sign up for the newsletter now in order to get into the beta-testing queue. For now, Soccer Manager 2021 is available for pre-registration on Android only. You can head over to Google Play Store for pre-registration.We expect it to be coming to iOS soon in the coming weeks. It will be free-to-play as usual with the addition of in-app purchases.

Are you excited for the Soccer Manager 2021 as it opens for pre-registration? Let us know in the comment section below.

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