Sony could be expanding Playstation with free-to-play mobile titles

Sony is on the move!

Playstation, the famous video gaming platform could very soon enter the mobile gaming industry with Sony eyeing a move to expand Playstation’s area of operation with free-to-play mobile games. If Sony develops their own PlayStation mobile gaming division, some of the classic PlayStation titles could very well make their way to mobile.

Sony did acquire Savage Game Studios, to assist in managing the mobile studio department as the developers had experience working with some of the top names in the industry like Zynga, Supercell, RovioInsomniac, and a few more.

Sony’s latest job listing hints at PlayStation developing a new platform for mobile titles

As first reported by TweakTown, Sony Interactive has posted a new job posting requiring applications for a platform for ‘developing, publishing, and operating’ F2P mobile gaming titles. There were a couple of rumors about Playstation developing two AAA mobile titles, and it looks like the job listing could be regarding them. The titles were in the early stage of development back then as per rumors, and now with Sony moving forward with the mobile division, those rumors could be true.

Playstation Mobile, Playstation Mobile platform
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The Mobile Gaming industry is a goldmine with a huge reach and potential, hence a lot of companies are eying to make a move in the industry. Not just Playstation, Microsoft is also on the move, with its Xbox mobile gaming app set to release in July 2024. With Sony’s move to mobile, fans can expect some of the biggest IPs to make a debut for mobile devices, with the company confirming that half of the new releases will be made for PC and Mobile platforms.

Playstion Mobile could potentially increase the quality of mobile games being released in the future

Sony has some of the greatest IPs ever to be released in their Arsenal and with their eagerness to expand to different platforms and acquire game studios to add expertise, the industry is only going to get more competitive. As gamers though we should have no complaints as it is only going to raise the quality of games that will be released and published by big-time developers in the industry.

Playstation Mobile, Playstation Mobile platform
Image via Sony Interactive

With titles such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, Days Gone, and many other exclusives in their arsenal it will be amazing to play their mobile adaptions if they get released. Sony is not the first big gaming giant to enter the mobile games market either as Nintendo has already brought a host of their famous IPs such as Mario Kart to smartphone devices.

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