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Soul Tide opens for pre-registration in the West on both Android and iOS

Winner of best anime game award now available in the west!

Soul Tide, the award-winning Dungeon Crawl RPG, is currently open for pre-registration. The anime-styled adventure debuted in China in 2021, winning Best Anime Game at both the Vivo Annual Game Festival and the Game TeaHouse Awards. Soul Tide is now available in the West, with its unique Gacha plus Dungeon Crawl gameplay.

Save the world in Soul Tide along with amazing heroines

Soul Tide takes place in a dark fantasy world ruled by witches, with a handful of mysterious Evokers and their strong creations as the world’s only hope.

soul tide
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Only these Evokers can travel the depths of a labyrinth brimming with magical power that comes out of nowhere, and only they can stop the witches from harnessing the labyrinth’s energy. The graphics are stunning, and the gameplay is extensive. Players along with adorable heroines will explore and save, the country shattered by an ancient presence. 

Explore the unknown in this award-winning Dungeon Crawler

Soul Tide is for players who are tired of smashing virtual buttons and want to slay monsters, disarm traps, solve puzzles and loot treasures. Soul Tide has inherited the concept of dungeon crawls, which are known for their challenging and fun design very well.

The labyrinth is a constantly changing maze with over 100 random events and practically infinite game options. Rogue-like techniques are used in Soul Tide to give an added layer of challenge to those who want to put their skills to the test in these labyrinths, but the puzzles are still accessible to casual gamers.

Soul Tide features several heroines each with a special talent

Character advancement in Soul Tide is based on the player’s connections with the puppets who battle with them. Players can spend time with them outside of the dungeons and even go on dates with them, learning about their former lives and obtaining new talents and stat upgrades in the process. Every character is equally rare and has the same potential.

The heroines are fully spoken and animated in Live-2D for a truly immersive experience! Furthermore, each of the characters gets a themed PV that elevates their beauty to new heights. Additionally, people interested in more gacha games and anime culture in the genre can check some reputed anime-based online casinos as well.

Each heroine features eight unique active talents that may be mixed and blended to create their own combat styles, in addition to various passive skills and item slots. There is also no character rarity, so you can always include your favorites in your lineup without worrying about them ending up in wheelchairs. Players can visit the official website for pre-registering and additional information.

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