Spiritle is a new turn-based strategy digital board game set to release on Android and iOS this summer

Challenge each other in a pairing enchanted lands battle!

The creators of the well-received roguelike card game Pirates Outlaws, Chinese indie game developer Fabled Game Studio, have revealed their upcoming release, Spiritle, a digital board game that involves turn-based strategy and can be played by up to four players. The game is scheduled to launch on Android and iOS platforms during the summer season.

Battle and incarnate the elements in Spiritle

In Spiritle, players have the opportunity to engage in a game where they can assume the role of a Spirit representing one of the four elements: Nature, Earth, Water, or Fire. The main objective is to engage in battles with other players in order to regain their position within the World Tree.

Upon selecting a Spirit, players have the ability to customize their skills and equip a ring. They then proceed to deploy their characters onto a game board, where they can uncover new lands by opening tiles.

Image via Fabled Game Studio

By pairing two identical lands, players can initiate attacks against their competitors. Each Spirit possesses unique strategies and abilities for launching attacks. Success in the game depends on selecting the appropriate skills to outsmart opponents. Although Spiritle is easy to understand and get started with, it presents a challenging learning curve to become a master. Only the most astute strategist will achieve victory.

Spiritle brings diverse modes for challenging opponents

The opponents can be challenged in various modes, offering a diverse range of gameplay options. These modes include Classic Battle, a competitive matchmaking mode that features a leaderboard for tracking progress. For those seeking chaotic 2v2 action, there is the seasonal Cooperative mode.

Additionally, there is a Custom mode available for private play with friends. The World Tree is intricately connected to the changing seasons, and during the Earth season, it manifests as the Tree of Brutality.

Players can select from eight Spirit characters and engage in battles across four fully functional seasons. Each season comes with unique World Tree passives, adding strategic elements to the game. By mastering the board and demonstrating superior tactical skills, players can aspire to become the ultimate gamer in this immersive experience.

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