Square Enix has released a new ChocoboGP mobile game for Android and iOS

Lead Chocobo on a brand new adventure!

Square Enix, the popular makers of games like Final Fantasy and Life is Strange, have brought forward their newest addition on the mobile platform titled ChocoboGP. ChocoboGP mobile game is now live on mobile devices, ie for Android and iOS as a spin-off of the upcoming Chocobo GP in March on the Nintendo platform.

Experience the cute kart racing game now on your mobile

ChocoboGP is a 2D kart-based mobile racing game, similar to popular titles like Alto’s Adventure and Hill Climb Racing. The goal of the game is to reach the end of the track while using the simple two control layout of the game, that is, the forward dash and back commands.

But the player has to make sure that the character in the kart, known as a roller in the game, doesn’t lose balance and fall over. The player will be able to collect resources on their way to the finish line but falling over would cause them to lose the collected items and go back to zero.

Chocobo GP gameplay
ChocoboGP gameplay (Image via Square Enix)

The game also offers unlockable customizations for the rollers which can be acquired by using the coins collected in each level. Available customizations give an edge to the player while completing levels, such as better balance. The game will also provide the player with special power-ups called drop-offs which will give the player access to a few extra tricks needed to clear the obstacles blocking the path.

The player will also be able to race their ghost version in an attempt to beat their best and fastest record and grab a place in the global in-game leaderboard, asserting themselves as the best in business. The game is completely free to play with no elements involving real-life purchases and thus is a balanced field for all players.

Chocobo GP release on mobile might just be a promotional tool for Square Enix

Given that their main title ChocoboGP for Nintendo is releasing in a few months, Square Enix is most probably using the mobile spin-off as a promotional tool to attract players to the game, which it probably will given that the game is a follow up of the Final Fantasy series.

The free to win nature of the game is a further incentive for the players to try out the game. Overall, it is a good game for those looking for something casual to kill time as it is a simple yet engaging game format. Players can download the game on iOS and Android devices.

Are you excited as Square Enix is set to release a Chocobo GP spinoff on iOS and Android? Let us know in the comments below!

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