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STARSEED: ASNIA TRIGGER is BILIBILI’s upcoming RPG, available as early access on Android

The game is currently available for early access on Android!

STARSEED: ASNIA TRIGGER is an upcoming role-playing game by BILIBILI which is currently available for early access on Android. BILIBILI, the Chinese developer known for popular mobile games like Artery Gear: Fusion and Girl Cafe Gun

STARSEED: ASNIA TRIGGER, the latest game from the publisher is an action, adventure game featuring robots. The game features a unique aesthetic and is now available for a closed beta test in selected regions.

Take on robots called Proxyan and try to seek answers to save Humanity’s future

Image via BILIBILI

The game is set in a futuristic world where seven Android robots called Proxyan reside on our planet where there is no trace of human beings. These seven Androids have built seven civilizations with each being different from the other. 700 years have passed and players will take on the role of the only human being left on Earth. In this journey, they will try to save humanity’s future by seeking answers.

STARSEED: ASNIA TRIGGER comes with gorgeous illustrations and a massive world view

STARSEED: ASNIA TRIGGER has immersive details. This has been achieved by creating gorgeous illustrations and creating a massive world. The Androids in the game look unique with top-notch animation and detailed voiceovers. The player’s goal is to create the strongest Proxyan by communicating with each other and building a team comprising Android girl robots.

The game features a variety of rewards and the reward system allows players to get handsome rewards as they win battles. The battles are very thrilling with the engagement of various skill sets and spectacular effects. The battle mechanics of STARSEED: ASNIA TRIGGER are well-built in terms of developing strategies and deploying them in a battle. The strategic deployment combination of the game is well-built according to the attributes, classes, and skills of Proxyan.

STARSEED: ASNIA TRIGGER is currently in the early access phase and players who want to play this game can download it from Google Play and enjoy playing it on their mobile devices. Information regarding the iOS release might be out sometime in the near future.

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