State of Survival Patch Notes 1.13.10: Second Anniversary events, rewards and more

Lots of new Anniversary content!

The zombie-based apocalypse game State of Survival has released Patch Notes 1.3.10 for its upcoming second-anniversary updates. The upcoming Patch Notes 1.13.10 will contain a lot of details about the second-anniversary event in the State of Survival. It will also add some new in-game content like the airship-guardian.

State of Survival Patch Notes 1.13.10: Second Anniversary Event

State of Survival is gearing up for its second-anniversary celebration with the announcement of a new event called “Day of Hope“. The event will be a month-long affair from the date of the update. It will allow the players to take down the zombies on a large scale with the help of the huge airship. According to the game lore, Dr. Yamazakhi has invented a new substance called Infecticide. It can be used to kill all the infected zombies throughout the State of Survival universe. Becca suggested that for the safety of the living people the newfound anti-dote should be used on the undead on a large scale using the Airship.

State of Survival Patch Notes 1.13.10

The month-long celebration will be a four-stage event and will include more than 20+ immersive events like Airship Designs, Day of Hope: Celebration Redecoration, Yearbook, Day of Hope Giveaway and more.

Anniversary Events

  • Gol-Dorothy’s Maw: To begin the day of this mission, players must clear the infected in the underwood Forrest is to take the ship in the air. Players need to enter the forest in groups of five and eliminate the new monsters lurking inside.
  • Airship Guardian: This special mission makes us protect the soon-to-be-built airship from the infected. In the process, we have to set the available fuel for the chopper on fire. In order to collect more fuel, players will need to locate and attack special types of Infected.

Second Anniversary Event Rewards

Apart from the new in-game content, players can earn a lot of rewards from taking part in the event. Players can earn a lot of support points, a form of currency. This will be done by sharing the game with their friends and can trade these points for various in-game rewards and surprising gifts. The gift includes the likes of an Amazon Prime subscription and perhaps, even a Lamborghini. This is still not discussed in detail but surely looks promising for the players.

A small optimization has also been added to the store. The Rewards Crates are being added to the Hunting the Hunter event, from which players can get up to 10 Hero Fragments.

What are your thoughts on State of Survival Patch Notes 1.13.10? Let us know in the comments below.

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