T3 Arena mid-season update introduces the Chemist and other in-game features

Plethora of new things to see and explore

The mid-season update for the action-packed hero shooter T3 Arena, is currently accessible on iOS and Android, including the game’s newest character and quality of life enhancements. Players can explore with the new healing character, the Chemist. Additionally, the new version adds more character-specific ultimate abilities as well as the capacity to start or join guilds.

T3 Arena, for those unfamiliar, is a fast-paced 3v3 shooter from XD Inc in which players compete in intense three-minute bouts across a range of levels and modes. In this game, you can choose one of the 18 playable characters and take advantage of their special powers.

Players can now create and join Guilds in the game

The Club System, a much-sought feature that enables players to organize and join guilds, is also included in the mid-season update. In order to provide another level of strategy, new ultimate abilities have also been included. Here are the key highlights of the mid-season report as season two prepares to begin in August:

  • Experiment with The Chemist, a brand new healer character
  • Introducing the Club System to create and join guilds
  • Unlock brand new character skins
  • Four new 2nd ultimate abilities 
  • Brand new character voice-overs 
  • Quality of life improvements including new leaderboards and being able to report players
Image via XD Inc.

With the Mid season update, the second healer character in T3 Arena, The Chemist, enters the arena. The Chemist is a grenade launcher-wielding character whose skills include using grenades to take out foes and heal teammates. With the Chemist’s diverse set of skills, she can be essential to the team’s survival while also dealing damage to opponents to advance the team’s chances of winning each match.

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