T3 Arena SS4 Lunar Royale Update: Battle Royale Mode, New Hero, Map and more

2024 is even going to be better!

T3 Arena is ringing in the new year with its biggest content update yet. Launching on January 4th, the T3 Arena SS4 Update – Lunar Royale brings many new additions and changes to kick off 2023 with a bang. From new Heroes and game modes to event skins and meta-shifting balances, T3 Arena is looking to make waves right out the gate next year.

T3 Arena SS4 Lunar Royale Update

Introducing a brand new Hero, Tigris

T3 Arena has announced a new Hero named Tigris joining the lineup for Super Season 4 – Lunar Royale. As a fearless Vanguard, Tigris utilizes his shield for defense and long-range offense. His basic attack hurls his shield forward, ricocheting off walls and exploding on contact with enemies before returning to him. Tigris also has formidable abilities including deploying an impenetrable shield barrier, charging enemies with a knockback effect, and throwing his shield as a ranged stunning boomerang.

T3 Arena SS4 Lunar Royale Update Battle Pass

Tigris skin in T3 Arena SS4 Battlepass
Image via XD Inc.

The Lunar Royale Battle Pass brings plenty of new cosmetics and Tigris himself at level 30. Other highlights include the Gentleman Burglar Labula skin, Lunar New Year-themed accessories like banners and KO fizzes, and the Cyber Centurion skin for Tigris. Daily mini-games and events will also have more holiday-inspired cosmetics to earn.

Lunar New Year Skin Line

Celebrating the holiday, T3 Arena releases a series of Lunar New Year-themed skins for select Heroes. These skins feature vibrant colors and decorations fitting the festivities.

Brand new Second Ultimates

Four Heroes will receive rebalanced Second Ultimate abilities: Victor, Ossas, Kazama, and Hua Ling. Four others gain brand new second Ultimate abilities: Zero-Kelvin traps enemies in an expanding freezing slow field; Gatlyn remotely controls herself while warping around the map fully healing; Fade calls down devastating naval artillery strikes; Johnny Jet spawns a safe house for healing and buffing allies that damages nearby enemies.

T3 Arena SS4 Lunar Royale Update brings a new Battle Royale mode – Royale Arena

After long anticipation, T3 Arena is introducing a battle royale mode called Royale Arena available in Casual Mode. Players can queue solo or in duos to survive against toxic zone damage and fighting as the safe area shrinks over time. These forces clutch final battles with no hiding spots. Players outside the safe zone take consistent damage, with healing effects also reduced.

Royale Arena Maps and Item Drops coming in T3 Arena SS4 Lunar Royale Update

Royale Arena maps have 5 distinct areas, each spawning up to 4 players solo or 2 groups of 4 players in duos randomly. Fallen players can collect tokens during the match to respawn. Item drops are essential and come from treasure crates and enemy bosses.

Item Drops in Royale Arena Map
Image via XD Inc.

Possible drops include gear like weapons and armor with varying stats and rarities; active and passive skills for an extra edge; and T-Coins to buy skills, rare items, or resurrect dead teammates.

New Frontierland Map

New Frontierland Map in T3 Arena
Image via XD Inc.

There is also a new Royale Arena map called Frontierland with three distinct biomes: a desert, port, and town center. The map also features unique areas like a low gravity zone. As T3 Arena’s first battle royale-style map, they welcome feedback on Frontierland to shape future maps.

When will T3 Arena SS4 Lunar Royale Update release

T3 Arena SS4 Lunar Royale update goes live on January 4th, packed with new content and kickstarting 2023. The team looks forward to player reception and will monitor the new Season closely for any additional balance changes needed post-launch.

Final Thoughts

With the amount of game-changing content stuffed into Lunar Royale, T3 Arena is positioning Super Season 4 to take the game to new heights in 2023. The combination of new systems like Royale Arena and fan-requested features such as the long-teased battle royale mode shows T3 Arena’s commitment to listening to player feedback. Whether you’re a new or returning player, Lunar Royale undoubtedly sparks anticipation for the future as T3 Arena continues evolving.

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