T3 Arena Kazama Guide: Abilities, Team Combos, and Gameplay Tips

Be ready for some in-air actions with the expert combat pilot

In T3 Arena Kazama is a damage hero suiting the style of fighting as a combat pilot. His inclination towards using technology to build advanced machines led him on a path of self-exploration. He engineered aircraft that could propel him into the air, capable of launching dash attacks on enemies. In this T3 Arena Kazama Guide, we will learn about her abilities, team combinations, and gameplay tips in detail.

You can also check out our character guides for Iris, Vincent, Zero-Kelvin, Gatlyn, Sindri, Iris, Chemist, Gloria, Yaa, Jabali Fort, Cristina, and Ruby. Now let’s dive right into Kazama’s guide and learn to master him.


There are different abilities that heroes can take advantage of during a match, with each one having a unique set of abilities. These abilities are categorized into Active, Ultimate, and Passive ones, involving different mechanics of handling. In this section, we will learn about Ruby’s abilities and how to use them properly.

Active Ability: Flight Mode

This active ability of Kazama is called Flight Mode which literally allows you to use the jet pack attached to his back. While this ability is in use, it helps you to jet up and hover for a short while. Kazama can float around the map for a period of 4 seconds. While in the air, you have the advantage of targeting enemies and firing shots at them before they actually realize it’s raining from above. Though the hovering time is less, the active ability recharges very quickly which is why it can be used frequently. 

Ultimate Ability

There are two Ultimate abilities that can be used alternatively by Kazama. One is the Cannonball Drive and the other one is the Orbital Strike

T3 Arena Kazama ability information
Image via XD Inc.

Cannonball Drive 

This ultimate ability turns Kazama into a Cannonball, as you can use it to spin forward and charge at enemies. This knocks down opponents his way by also dealing significant Area of Effect damage. Being a skilled combat pilot, his ultimate ability helps him to crash-dive from astounding heights.

You can use this ability with your flight mode, which narrows down enemies’ chances to escape. This is because it charges them in a linear path making it ineffective if enemies can spot it coming. 

Orbital Strike

The second ultimate is better than the first one as it has increased blast damage and is versatile. All it does is track nearby enemies and inflict continuous damage by following them using the cylindrical orbital vortex. This is incredibly helpful in Control Mode and Payload Mode especially when every one of your opponents is vying for control at the last minute.

Passive Ability: Munition Pack

This ability makes up for low ammo capacity by restoring it. Every time you hit an opponent with the rocket launcher, ‘Munition Pack’ restores one round of ammo to the weapon. This saves you the reloading time, and you can last long in the game without having to reload. Kazama’s passive ability unlocks once you have reached level 9 and can be found only in Rumble boxes. 

Best Weapons for Kazama to use in T3 Arena

Kazama’s weapon is a Rocket Launcher which explodes a rocket when it hits targets. It gives both direct hit damage as well as AoE damage, thereby boosting his weapon power.

T3 Arena Kazama best weapon
Image via XD Inc.

It has low ammo capacity and must be used from a distance. The effectiveness of his weapon increases if you are able to use it strategically while his active mode is on. 

Tips and Tricks to Use Kazama in T3 Arena

  • Using Kazama is all about maintaining a safe distance from enemies and hovering above a target to finish them. 
  • You can unselect the ‘Flight Mode’ ability to come down whenever you wish to, especially in cases where your enemies have spotted you and can fire you down. Also, you can use this ability for close-range combats to trick and slow down their targeting power. 
  • Once you get hold of his second ultimate, use it on targets with slower movement speed as it tracks down nearby enemies to deal massive damage. Also, it’s quite handy during objective-based gameplay as most of your opponents will be nearby the objective to secure it. 

Best Team Combinations to use with Kazama in T3 Arena

Being a damage hero, Kazama must be in the frontline taking down enemies. But his low ammo and tricky active ability renders him vulnerable to an opponent’s attack. This is where teaming him up with proper teammates becomes a crucial factor in winning a match. In this section of the guide, we will look at a few compositions suiting the style of Kazama in T3 Arena.

Team Combinations to use with Kazama in T3 Arena
Image via XD Inc.
  • Kazama/Chemist/Skadi:  The problem with Kazama is his slower firing power and difficulty in mastering movement. Coordinating with Skadi, he can take advantage of her Dub-Stop active ability that pins down enemies to a spot, finishing them from above their heads. As long as Chemist gives them health, these two heroes can both last a long time in the arena. 
  • Kazama/Jabali/Sindri: Kazama’s real enemy is Sindri’s bot slowing down his flying ability. This can be taken advantage of by having a Sindri in his team, whereby the bot can be an effective counter for the bot in the enemies’ team. In the meantime, a tanker like Jabali can stick to advancing the objective-based gameplay and also provide a shield as and when required.
Heroes that can counter KazamaHeroes that Kazama can counter
Sindri (Pie Bot)Jabali
Gloria (long-range spray)Jonny Jet
Aleta (dash and flank) Victor
Shell (teleport)Iris

Final Thoughts

Kazama was first introduced in early access. Unlike other heroes in T3 Arena, Kazama is not limited to the ground. He is capable of launching attacks from above targets making him a highly flexible hero when learned to handle properly. He is well suited for both objective-based gameplay and taking up solo adventures in team death matches. Kazama can be unlocked via the Hall of Fame upon reaching 2000 trophies.

Did you find our guide on Kazama in T3 Arena helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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