T3 Arena: The Complete Second Ultimates Guide and Tips

The recent update in T3 Arena reintroduced the Second Ultimates for select heroes, including Skadi, Gloria, Shell, Jabali, and Iris. These abilities offer unique functionalities and tactics, adding depth to the gameplay. Understanding how these second ultimates function can significantly impact your strategies. Let’s delve into the specifics:

How to Unlock the Second Ultimates for each Hero in T3 Arena

Players can obtain the second ultimates for available heroes by accessing the Hero Road section in the Heroes tab. Players need to select their desired hero, enter the Hero Details section by tapping on them, and then enter the Hero Road option available on the left-hand side.

Right above, there’s also the option to switch between Ultimate 1 and 2 for the hero. Once on the Hero Road, players can check their progression from where they can obtain the second ultimate. Players can progress through by simply playing with the character in multiplayer matches.

List of Second Ultimates for each Hero in T3 Arena

1. Shell: Mass Nullified

Shell‘s second ultimate unleashes a potent ability, sending enemies within a specified radius into the air. When executed effectively against the entire enemy team, it can result in devastating consequences. However, its effectiveness depends on the situational setup.

2. Skadi: Wanna Dance

Scadi‘s second ultimate delivers area-of-effect damage. Enemies caught within its range temporarily lose control of their movement, constrained to a single direction for a duration of 4 seconds. Despite sounding intimidating, mastering its application can yield fruitful results.

Shell: Mass Nullified
Image via XD Inc.

3. Gloria: Amplifier Module

Gloria‘s new ultimate creates a triangular zone that enhances her and her allies’ abilities with a 50 percent damage boost, provided they remain within its bounds. Notably, Gloria can control the placement of the zone based on her crosshair’s orientation, enabling strategic positioning for optimal utilization.

4. Jabali: Damage Redirect

Jabali‘s latest ultimate ability is particularly beneficial when facing teams with substantial damage output. Upon activation, any damage inflicted on Jabali gets redirected back to the attacker. However, it’s essential to note that the ability can be disrupted if Jabali gets attacked from behind, and the reflected damage cannot bypass barriers.

5. Iris: Blinding Orb

Iris‘s unique second ultimate involves launching an orb into the air. Any enemy that gazes upon it experiences blindness for 10 seconds and sustains 560 damage per second. This ability’s potential impact on an entire enemy team’s vision makes it a formidable asset in controlling gameplay dynamics.

Heroes without a Second Ultimate

Second ultimates have recently been brought back and a large section of heroes are yet to get theirs back. The September update saw the first batch of heroes getting their second ultimates that are now readjusted for 5v5. The latest War of Gods update added a few more. Below is the list of Heroes with their current second ultimate status.

HeroSecond Ultimate Availability
Hunter Available
Hua LingUnder Balance Adjustment
OssasUnder Balance Adjustment
KazamaUnder Balance Adjustment
ChristianaUnder Balance Adjustment
YaaUnder Balance Adjustment
DiggyUnder Balance Adjustment
VictorUnder Balance Adjustment
Johnny JetUnavailable

Tips to utilize the Second Ultimate for Heroes in T3 Arena

  • Effectiveness: Most second ultimates are more deadlier than the first ultimates. However, it is subjective and depends on how well you handle the following mechanics.
  • Situational Awareness: Understanding when and where to trigger these abilities based on the battlefield scenario can determine their effectiveness.
  • Strategic Positioning: Utilize heroes’ mobility to position yourself optimally for executing the second ultimates, maximizing their impact.
  • Team Coordination: Coordinate with teammates to synchronize the activation of second ultimates for maximum disruption or damage output.
  • Adaptability: Recognize the counters and limitations of these abilities, adapting your playstyle accordingly to minimize vulnerabilities.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Regularly practice and experiment with these abilities in different scenarios to refine your skill in their usage.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the reintroduction of second ultimate abilities in T3 Arena has injected a fresh layer of depth and strategy into gameplay dynamics. Each hero’s distinct second ultimate offers unique advantages, from devastating crowd control to damage redirection and enhanced buffs.

Mastering the utilization of these abilities requires keen situational awareness, strategic positioning, and effective team coordination. Exploring and understanding the intricacies of these second ultimates not only amplifies individual gameplay but also enriches the overall tactical landscape of T3 Arena, promising engaging and thrilling encounters for players willing to delve into these new facets of hero abilities.

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