Tears of Themis announced a limited-time event titled “Dreams of Childhood” releasing this October

Tears of Themis, a romance detective game from the international interactive entertainment company HoYoverse, will launch a limited-time event called Dreams of Childhood in October. Head to the fictional HoYoLand and make love moments with him there to relive the innocence of childhood! Players can get event-only SR cards, the event badge, the event namecard, card improvement materials, and more by taking part in a variety of entertaining tasks.

Players will follow new clues obtained to a designated place to inspect the scene or converse with the character

Players can explore the park by following the instructions provided by HoYoLand during the Tears of Themis Dreams of Childhood event. To get hints that point to the truth, finish time-limited missions. Discover the secrets buried in each level during the event to receive S-Chips, and solve the grand mystery to earn the event-only “Dreams of Innocence” badge. There will be three opening periods for the tournament. Players will follow fresh leads to a predetermined location to investigate the situation or speak with the character.

In the Chatroom, players can talk about and follow location hints with NXX staff. Homu’s Trials will also be accessible for a brief period of time during the event, with “Battle of Wits” and “Brain Challenge” open for anyone who dares. To get the event name card “Celebration – Childhood Dreams,” complete all the challenges.

Last but not least, YoYo Vouchers can be acquired by accomplishing event-related activities and challenges; these goods can then be traded for event-only SR cards, Tears of Themis, card improvement supplies, and other goodies in House of Childhood! After the update, the Dreams of Childhood Event Shadow of Themis will also be accessible for a brief period of time, with an improved draw rate for Luke SSR Persistent Wishes and Marius Sweet Wonders!

Are you excited to be a part of the Dreams of Childhood event in Tears of Themis this October? Do let us know in the comments!

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